Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 36

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS NETWORK WEEKEND CELEBRATES BEST OF BRITISH » » INDUSTRY-LEADING installer support organisation Independent Network (powered by VEKA) is gearing up for its annual Members’ Weekend, held on Saturday 16th June 2018 at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire. Head of Partner Programmes Karen Lund explains: “We’re always encouraging member companies to come together for training events and such, to discuss business, share ideas and celebrate their success. Attendees will get the chance to visit the Affiliate Business Centre - with 18 affiliates exhibiting so far - covering topics such as qualifications, health and safety, legal advice, hardware and associated installer products, which are exclusively available to Independent Network members. “Later, after a conference hosted by Business Consultant Specialist Jeff Grout, we’ll be joined by football presenter Chris Kamara to present awards at the black-tie Gala Dinner. And, as these awards celebrate the successes of our finest IN members up and down the country, we thought that the ‘Best of British’ would be a very apt theme ...and it will give us all the chance to try a host of specially selected gins, beers, wine and whisky while we dance the night away!” To book your place, please call 01282 716611 or email Modplan switches to Yale Flush Sash Shootbolt » » LEADING VEKA TRADE FABRICATOR Modplan has announced it is upgrading its shootbolt locking system on its FlushSash window range to a dual cam shootbolt system. Both from Yale, Heidi Sachs, Managing Director of Modplan, said, “Whilst the current system has proven to be a robust and reliable product, the introduction of the Yale Flush Sash dual cam Shootbolt locking system offers all the security credentials you would expect and a brand name that gives added value benefits for our customers.” The quality of the Yale Flush Sash dual cam Shootbolt locking system is evident from its features. The window lock has been designed to meeting PAS 24 requirement and is currently undergoing Secured by Design accreditation. As well as chamfered security shootbolts, there is also a secondary cam that means the window can have a night vent feature too. The Yale Flush Sash dual cam shootbolt will be available on Modplan’s FlushSash products as standard. This change will mean the company’s choice of window lock on its Fl W666vFw2vF6FRP6r&GV7G2G266VVBvFw2@6vRBFV&RF'2wwrG6V( FR6V7W&G7&VFVF0RvVBWV7N( FR6WFR6vP+ +TDr55DT25UĔU 7V7GW2ffW'2WfW'FrFF( 2f'&6F'0B7FW'2VVC&GV7G2FBv&6V7F'2FR'&FW7B&vRb6&W0FRƖfRV7BWG7FFr&WFp7W'B3b +# +4T%dRrT2Х7V7GW277FV2VR6R琧7GRbvFr"F"B6WFRWfW'6V7F"vWFW"N( 2G&FR&WFWp'VB"6W&6FW&^( 2FRVƗFRc2@VƗFRsf"66VVG2BFBBGW&2FP7V7GW2e2f"fW'F66ƖFW'2BFRe%p&WfW'6&R77FVFF'2f&W'2@7W'FvƖr6WFRFR&vRFR&GV7B&vR26VVFV@vF&vRbfW"6&W26fW&p6W"7V6f6F7GRFV6&FfPf6rFV6W2BFV&RBG&PvrF2FW( &RFW6vVBFvfRFR7W7FW"2V6W'6Ɨ6FBFfGVƗ6F2FWVVBvF6&֗6W2Br7FW'2FfBW&fV7B"VffV7FfR&WFr27&F6FFP7V66W72bWfW''W6W72BFR7V7GW0ffW&r26V6BFRFW&R&P&W7R&WFr6vW22vV0VBvVW&FB'GVFW2FFVFW"7V7GW27W7FW'26vWBFR6W0GfFvRbW6VV6R27FF&BN( 2&w&RFW6vVBFG&fRVƗGBWfW'WfVbFRGW7G'wwr7V7GW26V