Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 31

UKPAVILION RAISING THE BAR AT 2018 FENSTERBAU FRONTALE » » LEADING DOOR HINGE timber doors used in high-end residential, manufacturer SFS has reported a successful commercial and hospitality applications. four days at the Fensterbau 2018 exhibition, The quality of W-TEC 3D’s design and with the show providing the ideal platform manufacture leads the market with its for door manufacturers to explore why its latest range offers unparalleled adjustability, aesthetics and performance across every type of doorset. Star of the show was the W-TEC 3D hinge range which SFS offers in any RAL colour to deliver a visually stunning result in contrast or to colour match. This highly engineered concealed hinge, available in two versions for standard and slim doors, provides a perfect solution for GGF aesthetically-led heavyweight [UK PAVILION] - TRD.pdf 1 24/04/2018 12:42:07 excellent stability and mechanical adjustability enabling precise installation and delivering long term reliability. Another popular hinge technology option for timber do ܜ]]]XYۙš[\\H\]ܜ\HX\H [K\[ Y\X\Y Z[\Y[[B[H\[ [ZYHX[YX\\[[[\Xܛ]\HX]\Hو]X][HYX[X[HY\Y[YB[Y[[ۜ[]Y[]K\XZ\]]XX\Y\XY]HH^[X\܂[[][ۋ]\H[YK˜ٜ[X˘˝Z‘H HHHHUHHHHHHH  HHRUSSӂQHB\[H L\[Y\Y^X]YۈHR][[ۋ[H^X]Y[\]YHR][[ۋ\Z[HY[YY™[HH\ X\][]H[]ܚ[˂H‘UTSӑHSSTSTHT•SSPU Y[KYXKY[YK۸&]Z\]ۈ[\Y\[[ٚ]XB\[\^\وHYX\]\[ۙx&\ۛX[]U NK[\[]]˘˝Z“PTRSSKR8( H H PVH NBHHHHUH H0HVH N0