Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198 - Page 16

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS HUNDREDS SIGN UP TO ATTEND THE GLAZING SUMMIT Business leaders from across the window, door and conservatory industry have backed the Glazing Summit, a major new conference for the glazing industry. » » THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE ON 22nd May near Birmingham and has already attracted hundreds of fabricators, installers and glass companies from across the UK and Ireland. Some of the industry’s biggest names, including Yale, AluK, Edgetech and Customade Group have come together to support the event which aims to tackle key industry issues and discuss the future. Far-reaching topics include The Materials Debate, with panellists discussing the resurgence of aluminium and timber products and the implication for PVC-U suppliers. Other debates will focus on threats and opportunities facing the industry and discuss new technologies, such as home automation. Insight Data will present a synopsis of the ‘Window Industry Report’, compiled from research conducted with over 15,000 fabricators and installers and highlighting regional performance, industry trends and product developments. INDUSTRY LEADERS LINING UP A line-up of industry speakers and panellists include David Leng, CEO of Customade Group, Sean Parnaby of West Port Windows – part of VKR, Europe’s largest window manufacturer - Samantha Nuckey, MD of leading hardware supplier Window Ware, and Business Micro’s MD Graeme Bailey. Other panellists include Russell Yates, MD of AluK, Chris Alderson, MD of Edgetech, GQA Chairman Mike Morris and Jade Greenhow from Insight Data. Another panellist, Andy Jones - Group Sales & Marketing Direct "B76VЦ6VFVC( FRGW7G'2Wffrf7@BN( 2'FBFVWW"fvW"FPb +# +4T%dRrT2ЧV6RF22W7BGFVBWfVBf"6V vVVBffVBFRfVW7G&FখGW7G'( ХFRvr7V֗B2FR'&6B`G&Wr66GB4Tb6vBFF@W'W&WFrvfR&v6V@FRWfVBG&Wr7F'FVBFRvFpGW7G'bB27V&VB'VBB6B6WfW&vFr6W2P7&VFVBFR'W6W727G&FVwFB&VV@6'&vFw2g&6 *3Ц6W&6f'&6F"F *3&G&FPf'&6F"CF2&Vf&RFR'W6W70v27V&VB'66आR6VFVC( W"GW7G'2v'FfW" *3B&Ɩ2fW"R6W0BV2FV2bFW6G2bVRgFW"6vBFFV&Ɨ6VBFRFW7@vFrGW7G'&W'BvRvW&R7vV@vFGW7G'VFW'2vFr7vW'2F6R&rVW7F2FRvr7V֗@2F7vW"FW6RVW7F2'WBBv6vfRFVVvFW2FR'GVGFWGv&vFVW'27WƖW'2BGW7G'VF( v^( fR6FVVBWvFFR7@&w&W76fRfFfR6W2FPGW7G'v&R76&rFRWfVB@6v66rvW&RFRGW7G'2vr( ХFRvr7V֗Bv&RVB#&@B7B2FVB6fW&V6P6VG&R6ƖVg&FGF6WG0&Rf&RƖRBwwrvw7V֗B6VB6VFR&Vg&W6VG2B'VffW@V6U4U4dRTDU%2DU &VB#GW7G'VFW'2v6GFV@W6W6fRFW"vFG&2&V6WFBgFW"FW"7VW"FRdWfVrvvfR4T2BF&V7F'2FR'GVGFWGv&vFƖR֖FVBVW'2&VVBf&6WGFrBVfRFpWW&V6RदFRw&VVrvVW&vW"b6v@FF6VFVC( vRG&GV6VBFRvp7V֗BVFW'2FW"fvrfVVF&6g&FVVvFW2B76'2vvFV@FR'GVGF6RFvWFW"gFW"FP6fW&V6R&fW76'WB&VV@Vf&VBvWfW"6VG2&RfW'Ɩ֗FVB6vR&V6VB&rV&ǒ( Чwwrvw7V֗B6V