Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 97

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Make the most of the growing trend for colour » » BEN CRUNDWELL AND LEE GARNER began PBM Paints in 2012, mainly spray painting cars. But a request from a window manufacturer sent the business down a different path. Word soon spread about the high quality of their work and fast turnaround and PBM Paints has been spraying windows and doors for manufacturers and fitters across Surrey and throughout the South East ever since. Ben explains, “We cater to all window, door and conservatory manufacturers and fitters, from PVCu and aluminium to composite and GRP products. “All windows and doors are sprayed, cured and wrapped in a protective package ready for transportation. We have a dedicated onsite team that can repair and refinish any damages caused during fitting, preventing any inconvenience and additional costs for replacing with new units. “We use high quality, specially formulated paints from Kolorbond that will not crack, peel or fade, with an endless range of colours and varying gloss levels. The paint has been designed to chemically bond with the substrate, forming a durable finish that provides flexibility and UV stability, while still retaining all the benefits of high-quality premium paint.” PBM Paints recently became one of a select few approved applicators of Kolorbond paint thanks to their proven track record for quality and a great relationship with Kolorbond manufacturer, Dave Kershaw. This is proving to be a key selling Ёȁѡ) ѥՕ̰q%ȁݽɭ͡I)Mɕ䰁ݔՅ䁵ѕɥ́ݥѠѡ)ѕЁեЁѕՕ́ȁɕ)ݽѡ͕٥]ɽ٥ե)ɹɽչɅѥݽɬ)ٕɕ䁄啅ȁՙɕȁ)ՅɅѕt)!ѥՕ̰q]ԁ͔)ѡɥЁȁѡЁ́ѡٕɅ)Ʌȁɽ䁅́ݕ́ɥ)ȁэ͕٥+q]Ʌ她ͥєݔɕձ䁵ͬ)ɽѕЁɽչ)ə́ݡ她Ёѡݽɬɕ٥)ݥ́ɔɅ她Ѽٔ)ѽ䁙͠]ͼɕٔѥ)ͥɕݥѠȁэ)ͥѼٔ܁͠=ѡ)Ё́ݔɔ䁽ѥ)́ݕȁ她ͼ́Ѽɔə)͠t)IՕЁɕսє䁍(Ёȁ٥ͥЁܹ̹լ) 0IX$\T, <4 4d܃