Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 84

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Combining traditional style with high-performance » » EMPLAS HAS CONFIRMED its launch of Profile 22’s new cutting-edge Optima Flush system, which combines a technically advanced multi- chamber PVCu system with traditional timber sightlines. Opening-up significant new opportunities in retail, Optima has been designed by Profile 22 to emulate traditional timber window design. This includes a defining flush casement finish, mechanically jointed options, traditional top and deep bottom sash rail options, heritage dummy sash on frames with fixed lights and integrated hardware including monkey-tail handles and dummy peg stays. With a simple chamfered finish to the sash externally, the outer-frame is available in either the Optima sculptured (QS) or chamfered (QC) finish internally. The 24mm internal bead comes in a Sculptured (Ovolo) shape for a beautiful internal finish. Standard coloured foils are available on a 10-day lead time including Rosewood, Light-oak, Black Brown, Anthracite grey, cream (both sides only) and white (both sides only). With its in-house spray painting facility Kolorplas, Emplas can also offerany RAL colour to meet stringent planning requirements. Available in 24mm glazing with astragal bar options, Optima Flush is supplied by Emplas as a WER A+ window as standard. Typical U-values start at 1.3W/ m2K. Ryan Johnson, Managing Director, Emplas said: “What Optima Flush gives us and more importantly our customers, over and above our standard Optima offer is a window developed specifically for a heritage market. “Optima in its sculptured and chamfered options is a very flexible offer and suitable for a wide variety 84 » M AY 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M of installations including modern and period. Optima Flush extends that reach further, opening additional opportunities on older properties or potential opportunities in conservation areas, where PVCu was previously excluded, or where consumers simply want that heritage finish.” Using the same standard Optima outer frame and 15mm to 50mm packers, Optima Flush has also been designed to be familiar to installers. Cill sizes start from 85mm, couplers come in a range of sizes from 3mm to 29mm. Emplas can al 6ffW"&W2vFf&&P7V&RB3\+f&G2FG2( 7FF&N( 66VVB67VGW&VB@6fW&VBv2V6VB'V27B7VW"N( 2'V@&VB66&W"WFW g&RBffR6&W"66गB6VFW266Rb#FЦB#FV&R@3fC@CFG&RvV@&VFrF2F2V2F@B6f'F&ǐ6WfW2RfVW02r2r$G&RЦvVBVG2गN( 2FV66FF@FFG2ffW"6G20'BbrFW&7G&FVwF'VB&GV7BffW&rvV&V@FvVW&Fr'GVGf 7FW'2( FFVƗfW'27B`FW"fF2f"WR&vW"&V&FRB&VGV6VB'VưFRW7FB6&VB FF&B6V2FRWFW g&RB66v6&fFPFRFFF6VƖrG>( 606( Ė7W'Fr7FW'266W76rW&FvR"W&@7FF2FfW66V2WFVFǒvW &v'GVFW2vFfW'fW&R6W"ffW"6WFFfRVBFW2FVF6FV@&Gv&RN( 2&Vǒ7G&r&WF&6FB26WFVǐWr77FVRv62vǐGGVVBFFR&WB( Ф66&FrFFRFRvFrF"B66W'fF'&WG0W6rw&VB'&F'W"&WB&W6V&6fGFVrbFR&WB#P6rFFfVRf'rRF2v2vWfW"fg6WB'6gBFv&G2vW"VB&GV7G0BvW"fVR7FF2v6FVƗfW&VB"R7&V6Rখ7FVBfVRF *3B#&Ɩद666VFVC( v^( &PfW7FrfW" *36֖Ɩ7&70W"'W6W72F2V"RW"Vf7GW&r6&ƗGFRvFBvRv&vFW 7W7FW'2BW"&GV7@ffW"FFV( ėN( 2'B`W"6֗FVBFvfRW 7W7FW'266W72FWfW'FF@FW6VBVVBFv'W6W72FfW62WVVVB`FB7G&FVw( ЧwwrV26V