Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 6

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS NEW WELWYN TRADE COUNTER OPENS FLOURISHING AT RED ROSE AWARDS » » THE VEKA UK GROUP IS PROUD to have won a coveted Red Rose Award after being shortlisted in not one, but two hotly contested categories at the 2017 event. The PVCu systems supplier was delighted to win the ‘Large Business Award’ as well as being shortlisted for the ‘Manufacturing Business Award’ at this year’s Lancashire Business View Red Rose Awards. The trophies were presented during a black-tie ceremony in the Empress Ballroom at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens which was well attended by businesses from across Lancashire. ‘an exceptional entry’ The judges’ comments were read out as The VEKA UK Group collected the award: “This was an exceptional entry in an exceptionally strong category. VEKA have a strong internal culture and a focus on recycling and bespoke products. It was a tough year for their sector, but VEKA increased market share. VEKA is a global and domestic business investing in the county and its people.” The VEKA UK Group’s MD Dave Jones commented: “The entire team was very pleased to be nominated in the 2017 Red Rose Awards and thrilled to win the ‘Large Business’ award against some very stiff competition.” 6 » M AY 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M » » TRADELINK DIRECT HAS JUST opened a new Windowcentre in Welwyn Garden City, with an impressive opening event in February 2017, adding to its already successful trade counters in Rotherham and the founding model in Mildenhall, Suffolk. The Windowcentre business model brings together a renowned window and door manufacturer with a history of 25 years and the concept of a one-stop trade counter. Products offered are from some of the biggest brands in the trade sector including KÖMMERLING, Smart Systems, Ultraframe From left to right: Kevin Warner of KÖMMERLING with Jim Moody of Tradelink Direct. and its own branded Regiment composite doors. These trade counters are aimed at the professional tradesperson and DIY enthusiast, with a fully developed showroom environment, to perfectly showcase the products on offer and the promise of short lead times, thanks to direct manufacturing support from Tradelink. The first two trade counters have been built on product knowledge, excellent customer support and strong supply chain links with brands such as KÖMMERLING. Jim Moody, managing director of Tradelink Direct, concluded: “The opening of Welwyn Windowcentre is an important part of our carefully orchestrated expansion plans for this business model and I look forward to the new business opportunities this will bring for us.” www.tradelinkdirect,, please also visit stand F30 in [ ]HU˂۝[X]X]B0QVTSTTUSQ[[\\]H۝[X]X]KX]Z[[ܛX][ۈX]]X܂H^[Y][XH[]܈][›X\][ۙYH[[Z[][H[XY[[܈\[\˂H]X]H]˜Y^\[\˘˝Z›ٙ\]H\]ܜ]HX[و[ܛX][ۂH]YX[KX\˜]Z[XHH]HX[YX\[]\\[H[\HR]HX[Y][ۈق\^ X\Y][[ۈ\[\ˈ]Y][ۂ\Y[\Y[Hܙ[\Y]Xœ][^]YܚY\و^YٜY[[]Yٜܘ[\Y\[Y[ٛY]܈][[ܜ[[˂Y][ۘ[[ܛX][ۈ\[ݙ\YۂXX[\\[^ٛYYX]YX܈H\X[Y[ۜ\]ܞBX\][XYX۝[ۈZ\[\\]BT[[Z[][K][X\\]H\[K]\]\\YYۈH]K[ۙ]B]H]\YY[H]H]X[]KX\[XYHݙ[\X[\H\Y[ \H\HYX]YYH܈B[\\]H\[Z\[K[ۙ]]“T[T\وXY\[HBYX]YUYH[\H[\ܝ[[ܛX][ۈYܙK\[[Y\H˂H]ۛY\XH\[Z[ܚYۋ˜Y^\[\˘˝Z[H[[\][Hۈ[]HU[[