Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 49

FIT SHOW 2017 LOOKING SHARP » » This year’s FIT Show sees Eurocell focus on four of its most popular ranges – including some great new range additions – namely Skypod, Modus, Dales Collection composite doors and its market-leading conservatory collection. Fresh to the market is the Skypod Acute roof lantern. As the name suggests, the new addition features a steeper pitch at 350 – 150 more than the current design. The new 350 pitch is strikingly different to the standard, making it more suitable for commercial applications such as schools, hospitals and offices, where this pitch is better suited to larger, multi-storey buildings. This market tends to be dominated by aluminum, and the new Skypod provides an aesthetic and cost- effective sales alternative. Skypod is available in the full colour range of Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, Golden Oak, Rosewood and White – with a white interior finish as standard to maximise the light and airy feel. A further 25 colour options can be made to order in three weeks. The company has also recently extended its popular Dales Collection range of composite doors to increase and improve aesthetic choice, security and resilience. The three new panel designs – the Elton, Hartington and Newhaven – deliver ‘on trend’ farmhouse and contemporary styles and are complemented by six further glass patterns to further increase choice for the specifier, developer and end-user. The additional door and glass introductions bring the total of front and back composite door combinations to 15 styles in ԁ́饹)ѥ̰ɽɸadѼ)Ʌѥ݅ɑȁх)屔Qѥͼ)ݥɅ䁽݅)ɽ ѕɅ䃊LՍ)ѡɅєɕ䃊Lѡɽ՝Ѽ)!ɥхՍ́ ݕ)ɕ)ѡɵɔ͕ɥ䁥)ɕ́ɽ́ɽٕ)ѠѡՍɅх䁽ѡ)́́ɑ݅ɔ)ɕѕٔЁձѤ)ѕݥѠх)́́ɽՍ)ɽ٥ɽٕݕѡ)ɅѥѡЁ܁ٔ)ѼÃ͍L)ɽٕЁɕ٥́ѕ̸)Q܁ͥͼՑ́)ɕ͔ѡѕȁI@ͭ)ѡ́ɽɵѼѵ쁅)ѡQɤḾ饹͕єQ)镐ѕɹݥѡ)ѡȁ)ѥѡ͕ɥəɵ)ѡȁٕɅ)Qѕ)ѡѡ́饹)ѥ̰́ѡЁѡ)܁́ɔ܁)ݥѠѡɕեɕ́)D쁅٥AL̼)ɕхѥݡՑ́ѡ)AL؃a )Qɽ՝dѕи)Mх́ͼЁѼ)5ѡé)əɵѡѥ)ݥ܁ѕɥ(յ്ͥȁɽ)ѕѡ5́Ʌٕ)ѥմɝ䁕)əɵٔ)TمՔ́܁̀܁\,)QЁAY ԁݥ܁)ѕѡU,Ѽȁȴ)啅ȁՅɅѕ5͕́)ݥ́ݕɔѡЁѼ)݅ɑѡ܁]H)QɅͼՑ́5)L䁩ѕ͠)͕͠ͅЁݥܰݡ)́ɸѕɥ́ݥѠ)ձɅѥɅ)QЁх́ͥɅ)ѡѥѼѡݥ܁)ٕ́䁽ɽՍ)ݥѠѡՔѥȰݡ)ɕхѡəɵ)́AY Ըѡɵɔ)́ѼԔ́ͥٔѡ)ѡɕЁեمЁAY ԁ͠)͠ͅɽՍи)5́5́Lɔ)مͽ)ݽɅЁ̰)ݡɔمݥѠݡє)ѕɹ̰͡ݡɔѡ(ԁͽݽɅ)́͡ͼɑɕ)]Ѡх䁥ѡ)5́Ʌͥ́)еյȁɕ危AY )́хɐͼ́͵)ɉɥЁѡɽՍ)ȁɕ危ͥѡ)U,)䰁ѡхݥͼ͡)ȁѡЁѥѡe)Ʌ܁ѥ͕مѽ)ɅLѡ1ͼѕɹ)Ё!ѕ)Mѕ]ѠɥѠ)Ѽ͵ѡ1ͼ)́ݥѠѡ)Ѡѡ!ѕȁѼ)ɕєɕɅ䁕)ɽхɐ̸)ɽ́ͼɵ)ѡЁѡȁеѼչ)ٕ́ݥЁ)%PM܁ххѡѽх)յȁ܁ɽՍ́)ѥѥٕ́͡ݍ͕Ёѡ)ٕЁѼЁЁͥ)ܹɽլ)5dȀĀ܀Ѐ