Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 4

FROMTHEEDITOR Fit Show 2017 is here! Bigger than ever at its new home in the Birmingham NEC, the industry exhibition is set to be the best yet. With a host of new features, the trade show has attracted almost 100 new exhibitors. Our extended 34-page Fit Show preview feature from page 40 onwards is testament to the months of hard work put in by organisers and exhibitors alike. » » ON PAGE 43, FIT SHOW FIRST TIMERS, Victorian Sliders, says it is ready to make an impact on stand Q20, a substantial 140 square metre island stand in Hall 8. Dekko will also be making its Fit Show debut this year to mark the latest stage of its expansion and says it has a lot to shout about on page 66. Aluminium systems company, Reynaers, makes its first ever appearance too on stand N10 and is also a key sponsor of this year’s show. Aluminium’s growing presence in the domestic and home improvement sectors is evident from increased representation of the sector at the show. The Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) is taking a pavilion of stands for its members for the first time this year. Justin Ratcliffe, CAB CEO, outlines what you can expect from the 14-member strong 400m2 CAB Aluminium Pavilion in Hall 8 on page 70. This reflects the of findings from Palmer Market Research, which suggests that aluminium is on course to reach a 17-year high by 2020 and you can hear more market analysis from Robert Palmer himself from 12.50pm to 1.40pm on the 23rd May as part of the FIT Talk Interview programme. The Glass and Glazing Federation ( ъH[[˜H[H\Y\و[Z[\XܛHYKY^B^X][ۋ]Z[وX[H[ۈYH N [ۈYH LHш[[\][X\] []\\H]H8&YHY[] 8&HY[X\ۂ&QY\^x&K[H][^[][[š\H܈H\[YK^\[[HX\Y]X[H\H[[™ܝ\YY][]\[ۙH\[H[][ [ HYH[H\HBXKBBBBBBY]܂0HVH M0PTHHHR B]X[]HY]X[YX][ۜ°0HSTԕSB]XYZ[]X[YYY˜\H][HYH\ܛ[š[H^Y\وۜ[Y\ˈ\˜H]X[YX][ۈܚ][[]\[KPHY\\™\[[\][YH]و[\\X\B[][ۈۙH܈\ݙY[[\[Y\\][š[H[[܂[\KY[\]ق[\\XH]H[Y&]X[]HY]X[YX][ۜ&B[[[HHٙ\[ق\ݙY[[\[YBY[X\[H^Y\وBۜ[Y\H^H[ RST•HZ[HوH8&]X[]BY]X[YX][ۜ&H\[\[[Y[YH™^\[\ݙY[[\[Y\Hٙ\[\\[\˜[XXHوZ[ۜ[Y\]HX[YX\K\^B[[[][ۈو[܂[ۜ\]ܞHX܂Z\Y\\[\Z[ۛBHPH]X[YYYY\[B܈H\HY\\Y[ܚ[\HPB]X[YX][ۋ&]X[]HY]X[YX][ۜ&H[[™[\H]H[܂[ۜ\]ܞH[\B\HX\Y\XH۝[YY][Y[وH[ۛYH[Z][\وH[\YY[] ”]X[YYY[H8$YH\[Y\][XXBH[\\][[[\\^[ܜ[XZ[[[B[[Y\ܛHH\وZ\[]YX[\ݙY[[\[Y\\HPB]X[YYY܈ܚ[\˜HPH]X[YX][ۈX[HXY]Y][B\X]H[Y\[H܈B^\Y[H8$ H L[۝܂^\Y[Yܚ\[ L8$Œ[۝܈\[X\˂\[X\[][[HX\][Hܘ[YHݚ\[ۘ[8&Y\\Y8&H]\[^H\]HZ\]X[YX][ۋ]H[YKB[H܈\Z[ [۝˂X]X[]H8$[XX[YX\Y]\\H][\[[\B[XYXX[YX\\™ZY[H[\H][\[Y[][ۋX[[][ۂ$[X\HB[[Y\H]BX[Y[][ۜوBXX[YX\\[[\[Z[[Y[][ۜ˜[Y\][ۋZ[[[8$[\ݙY[[\[YHX[Y[˜\[Y\YܙYHH[\B][[HܛHH\وZ\[]YX[[Y\]\][[BX\]܈^\[Y[X\™[\YY\]\HH\ق[ۋY[Z[[œܘ[[YH\H[˜[ۛYHوX˜[\X]HZ[[”Y[][ۜ[Y\][ۈ\B\]YۈHY[\\\˂Y[H[ZH[ܙB[ܛX][ۈYH[[\ۈ[ ]HU˂˙X\]X[YX][ۜ˘Kœ]X[]]Y]X[YX][ۜ