Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 29

ALLDOORS installers who have showrooms to display this product to best effect. We are very generous in supplying Meridian for showrooms because when you see the door, it sells itself! A new brochure to accompany the Meridian range featuring all the latest styles, new glass designs and the GU lock is being published and available at the FIT Show or on request. Given our speed of production now, with all the associated efficiencies from investment in new machinery, doors are flowing through and all the backlog has cleared. We can give the service that our customers require so they can order with confidence and be assured that their composite doors will be delivered on time. Indeed, we are gearing up to produce 200 doors a day for the autumn as this is where we think the market is heading. Our recently-introduced online ordering system is proving a hit with more of our customers using it every week. While it is not mandatory and we still accept orders on paper, the online system offers a quick and convenient method that also eliminates errors. It won’t allow you to input the wrong size or the wrong backing glass, for example. It also speeds up the order processing system to get your door onto the factory floor faster. So the sooner we can get the ‘heads-up’ to production – ‘this is what you’ve got to make’ -the sooner we confirm a delivery date with the customer. ‘we are gearing up to produce 200 doors a day for the autumn’ Given the investment and efficiencies in place, we can provide top-quality customer service all year round. With all the product development and service levels that we’re offering now, the future is very exciting and very promising. If you’re in the composite door market, you need to be with Phoenix Doors! For more information, please call Phoenix Doors on 01487 740469, email info@ or visit the website at C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » M AY 2017 » 29