Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 143

INSTALLERSUPPORT What should you be looking for in your IBG supplier? » » IN AN EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE FOR Clearview magazine, Jeremy Brett, Managing Director of the Consumer Protection Association, talks about the benefits of Insurance Backed Guarantees and explains why more and more installers are choosing the CPA as their provider… Often tradespeople are requested to provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee with installations or home improvement projects; but how do you find the right provider for you? Here at the CPA, we have experienced an influx of new members over the past few months. We have also seen a spike in enquiries from homeowners looking to find trusted and accredited installers to carry out a variety of home improvement projects. Feedback from our members shows that being the recognised industry name for IBGs and Deposit Protection; together with our added-value services are two important factors in our members choosing us over other providers. RAISING INDUSTRY STANDARDS The CPA works tirelessly to raise standards across the industry, helping to protect good home improvement companies and promote best practice across the industry. IBGs are a useful protection for both you and your customers, in the unlikely event of your company ceasing to trade due to liquidation or bankruptcy. IBGs raise a customer’s confidence, as they know that they are protected should your business close. Deposit Protection is also recommended to homeowners. This ensures that if a company cease to trade, the homeowner doesn’t risk losing the money they pay upfront, giving them peace of mind that their investment is safe. Jeremy Brett, Managing Director A RECOGNISED AND TRUSTED BRAND With so many companies offering IBGs and deposit protection it can be easy to use the provider that offers the cheapest option. But this can end up not benefitting the installer in the long-run as they may not get the level of service and support they require and won’t get any added value support. For example, can your provider give you IBGs that protect the home improvement for up to twenty years – which is much longer than the industry average. Not only that but there have been many ‘fly-by-night’ IBG providers that have entered the market but don’t always have the experience and knowledge required, for what is sometimes a complicated process – requiring in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector and the mediation of disputes. We’ve been operating in the industry for more than 20 years and are widely recognised by consumers as a trusted resource for finding accredited and vetted installers. RECENT SURVEY It is also important when selecting an IBG supplier, to consider the reputation it has with homeowners; as consumers are more likely to buy from a company that has a strong reputation. Interestingly, a recent survey showed that 70% of consumers believe that CPA members provide the most protection, making our members far more likely to win business over non-members. ADDED-VALUE SERVICE Feedback from our members also reveals that they like the fact we give them added value products such as quarterly reports that help them improve business performance, as well as finance options and marketing support. For the quarterly assessment reports; every time an installer registers an IBG, once the job is completed the consumer is sent a questionnaire to fill out, asking a series of questions about the installer’s work and approach. The data is then collated by the CPA and sent to the installer in the form of a quarterly report, helping them to identify areas of service for improvement and increase best practice. Ultimately – it comes down to the question of do you want to buy IBGs and deposit protection from a c \[H][[[Bܛ[\\[\[[[ܙH\Y\›܈ۙH]X^H[H\[Hܝ ]\B]Y[YH[\\[\‘܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋX\H[B M  L ܈\]˝XK˝ZHHHHUH H0HVH M0 M