Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 142

INSTALLERSUPPORT WIN-WIN FOR DEVELOPERS AND THE TRADE » » ASTRASEAL’S APPROVED Commercial Installer Network is simple. The fast-growing firm is assembling a nationwide network of installation companies able to tackle contracts valued at anything from £50k - £500k. Astraseal provides the members of that network with commercial leads. It does all the preparation work and organisation itself, with its in-house Business Development Managers sorting through the tenders, contacting developers, working up specifications and drawing up quotes. Then, once all the preparation work has been completed, the supply side of the project is handed over to the ACIN Member, who is then introduced to the client. All members have to do themselves is complete the tender with their installation costs, submit it to the client, and Astraseal will help close the sale. A point to note; at no stage are ACIN members asked or expected to switch over to Astraseal for their other everyday work if they prefer not to. For installers, the system offers five key benefits, among others, as Astraseal marketing manager Zac Nedimovic explains: “Firstly, our approved installers will get access to commercial discount rates on all products supplied through the network. Second, they’ll get access to commercial discounts through all products purchased through Eurocell branches nationwide. Third, they’ll get paid for skip facilities available for each project. Fourth, they’ll get access to Astraseal’s industry-renowned technical exper \K[Y[œ\ܝH\^[ܜ[[][ۈX[Y\[؝[\HHX[وHHX[Hš[[H\[\ˈ[[[K[\\›[[XXHو[8$X\ڙX[ܙ\][H\\H[؝Z[XK[]\Y[H]]XوH\ܚ˜[XYH\Y 'B]HPS\۸&]\[Y][[\¸$[X ][ݙH[^[[^Hق][[YK[ۙ^H[Yܝ܈[Y\X[][\[\[\˂X[Y[[Y\X[][Y[\Y[B\^ܚ8$XYH][[ܙHوHXYXBHHYYXZ\H]][\H[ق۝X HڙXX[Y\PSٙ\˜HX\][HX[[[Y  YYX]H][ۋ'YPSHݚYH[Y\X[][\]YH^\Y[Y [ \\[\ܝ[K[[[\ˈ]YX[˜H[[܈][^[\8$[][[H\ܝH[Xۛ^H˸'B˘\\X[ ˝ZŒ MPSPёUUQSPTQTSKHݙ\Y[]]ܚ\Y[X\YX][ۂ[YH܈[˜[ܜ[[\›][\H]SBY[X\Q\ 0SSQSQS]SHY[X\[ۜ[Y\ܛ\˜[ZK]\[]\HY[܂\HHH[ܙHܙYXHQ\ [[\[Y[[ۜ]HZ\\ܝ[\˜[[XX[]K]\Y\[[ܙX]\XXHوZ[ [Y[[ۈ[ۙK\X܈قSKZY8']\HX[H^][[YH܂SH[H]\X\H\قM 0PVH M0PTHHHR BH\و[]X]]\[[\[ M][[]\[ܙH[YHY[X\[[[H]H]\[Y[Y[]Z\\Y\˂H[\[\\YۈوH]‘SH\[Y[X\[BZ\\[\\\Y\\[ۈH[KY[X\\H][ۙY[ܙHYX][K]HSH[\[\ۈH\ [ܙX\[[Z[BܙYX[]HZ\\][ۈ[H^Y\قH\Y\YY\H\X›Y[X\[ܙHYX][H]][[YX\]HX]\\X\Hܘ[Kœ][YHY\][[[\Z]\ˈX[\ۈ[\ܜ\\][\X[\H[X[[][\XB[K'B˙[Kܙ˝Z