Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 131

1 High security multipoint lock certified to highest level (grade 7) of EN12209, prEN15685, EN14846 which guarantees: • Resistance to breaking with a force greater than 1000kg. • Resistance to a head-on force up to 600kg. Three locking options as standard: 1. Total Locking 2. Latching Only 3. Hold Open Auto Dead Locking instantly locks when the door is closed, throwing three 27mm security bolts. 2 3 Strike plates 4 Deadbolts with 27 mm projection. Security anti lift hook bolts gives superior anchoring and resistance against attack. 5 Reinforced deadbolts. The deadbolts are covered in carbonitrided steel plating on both sides. Advantages: a KY[[[KX]\\[KX]]Z[XKK K L MK HL[\Y\XH[XYHقZ[\Y[ ]Z[XH[][B\HXH]H[[XXZB[ۜ˂\YT ST[S MŽB\[YBKX\\˜\]X\[\\B][X[X\HVU(VU[X\]X\H^][K\[Xܜ‘SLLJKKX\\[Z]Y[] \؛]^KY^K\ZY[L B[ L  ML ^ L  L͎ •X˛K[X\\˘B[XZ[\[[\K[X\\˘B([Z][H[\]X\H^][Y\[H܂SMJ