Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 126

CONSERVATORIES&ROOFS LANTERN ROOF SALES INCREASING » » STOKE-ON-TRENT K2 fabricator, Contech Conservatories, was amongst the first to offer its installer customers the new Stratus aluminium lantern roof system from Synseal. Purpose- designed to be discreet yet stylish, this modern lantern solution allows light to flood into the interior. Designed from the ground up around an innovative thermally broken system, it provides excellent thermal performance - keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter - while delivering the architectural refinement you’d expect of a high end aluminium lantern system. PRECISION ENGINEERED QUALITY Every element of the Stratus Thermal Lantern Roof has been designed to be exceptional, from the low profile 20-degree pitch, which allows the use of purpose- designed cappings that keep sightlines to a minimum, to the discreet black finish of its perimeter beam that ensures, if you view the lantern from above, all you’ll see is glass and a discreet shadow line. Stratus is high-quality British engineering at its best. Additionally, a 66% smaller ridge than conventional aluminium roof systems make for stunning aesthetics. K2 & STRATUS FABRICATORS The Stratus Thermal Lantern roof is an exciting new addition to the Contech Conservatories portfolio. Director, Gareth Jones, has been in the industry for the past 30 years, specialising and taking pride in the fabrication of conservatory roofs. Contech fabricates the K2 roofing system, and is an authorised fabricator of the Stratus lanter H\[B[\Y\\S]H[Yٜ˜[H[]\Yً۝X[\Y\H[Bوٚ[H 8&[Xx&H[Y\][X\\[[[HY[][™ܜ\XܙH[[Z[][B[H[Y[KY[ܜ[H]][ܜ[\[\\]Hܜ˂'\\Y\H۝X܈\Y[K\ۘ[\XB[]X[]HX8'H^Z[‘\] 8'\Y\H^\Y[Y[H[\Kx&]H[YYXYHܛݙ\\ [B[YX\[\[\[H\B[ܝ\]\ݚ[HH\HYYX\][\ق]\[\ٜ[ܙX\[[H[YK'B[ M NLM܈[XZ[[\۝Xۜ\]ܚY\˘˝ZӔTUԖHPTUHS°0ӔTUԖHUU HӑHтH HوXX]ܜ[HRB[YH H\Y[Y]X[Z] \[[H^[YH [[œ\[H]R]YH]ܚ˂H^[YH \[H\\YۙY][]X[[H\X[ۋ]HX]H]BZ[ܘYX\[HY[H[YKܙX][ H[ܙH۝X\XH[[B\ۈHX\] H\Yۂ\[X[H\X]\HX\]H\Y\قH][܈[\[H܈\H][H[˂H][Yۜ\]ܞH]]\[B[[ܜܘ]\XX[ X[™\Yۙ\HYYH\H\\8&\]8&H\[Y[][YܝXH]ۈB L\[]]HYY܈[\ˈH\[HܚYH[[H\YZ[H[YKܙX][\\\\[ۈ][][ܘXB]X][H[\[HH[] \\HX]H[ݙH܈ۜ\]ܞB]]][][ۜ][[BYHX\]K\Y[ۙ\\HXZ[ŒL0PVH M0PTHHHR B[ܙX\[H]H[YZ[]X]ٙ\X^[][HX[ۈYZ[XZZ[˂\[\]YH[[[\ݙ[HX[]]Hۜ\]ܞH]]]ܚ[و]]Z[\\]H[XYH[YZ\ܜHX ٙ\[]šY[ۙ\][Z\^\]HY[œ]\]YXܛH[K&XXHوZ[[X[Z\Yx&Bۜ\]ܞH]]8&\X[Y[\X܋ZXY[\XK[Y[Έ8'\[L [Y[وY\X\\HZBXHXXYX\[HR]8&\\\B]X\]H\ۙHوHۘ\܂Y[ۙ\[XZ[[\ݙ[Y[Z\\K'\HX[YX\\]\\[X[]Bٙ\\]Z[\Y\HX\[\B]ݚY\[HH^X[]H\[H[Hو[ۜ][[H[ ]\\&\›YY˂^[YH X\ [Y\'H\HX\Y]\[[YBHX\]8&\[X\H[\[Kٙ\[Y[ۙ\XXHوZ[[X[Z\YK][][˜\Z\Hۈ[\\Yۜ˸'