Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 122

CONSERVATORIES&ROOFS Plans for Growth Phil Coppell Limited has announced that it will be taking on board the Supalite Tiled Roof to drive growth in its business in the coming years. » » PHIL COPPELL in its capability, whilst creating confirmed the change to Supalite, a genuine aesthetic appeal at the “we are extremely pleased to point of sale”. announce that Phil Coppell Limited has taken a commercial decision to manufacture the Supalite tiled roofing system as part of our roofing product portfolio as we progress forward within our business”. “In today’s commercial world “Following many months it is vitally important to have of research, we firmly believe suppliers that are able to work that Supalite as our key roofing with us in a joined-up business supplier offers both ourselves and approach, sharing ideas and our customers a real opportunity technical know-how along the to drive our respective businesses way”. forward in a forward thinking “We also looked for a supplier pro-active manner and with a that stay ahead in-terms of market product range is far reaching changes and - QUTR.pdf influences, and who 14:38:52 59397 that - MarketingResultsLimitedBirchwoodTrading 1 16/02/2017 ‘we genuinely are excitied at what lies ahead’ have an open approach to the way business is conducted. To this end Supalite ticked all of our boxes”. “By combining our respective expertise, we are now able to offer the market place a real change in terms of future product innovation, service and technical support, coupled with a real desire to push forward existing boundaries and drive into new markets”. “We believe that the Supalite tiled roof is ahead of its competitors and offers our customers real choice in terms of style and design and technical capability and is value engineered to provide a price competitive opportunity”. “We genuinely are excited at what lies ahead and look forward to working with Supalite on the same over the coming years”. Speaking for Supalite, Managing Director Dave Watters shared the sense of achievement in winning the PCL business and the reasons behind Supalite being chosen as their supply partner “you cannot escape the fact that PCL is one of the most widely recognised names in the roofing business, and for them to choose us and our products as the basis of their future growth strategy is great news”. Start the week with Clearzine. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Where canopies are concerned... they’ve got your needs covered! SUPPLIERS OF CANOPIES TO THE TRADE AND CONSUMERS The range of both wall fixed and free standing mono-pitch canopies come in off the shelf sizes, and for customers who need an exact size, Birchwood Trading offer a bespoke made-to-measure canopy. • Every Monday. • Delivered to 14,000 industry emails. • Your