Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 120

CONSERVATORIES&ROOFS THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX » » SLIDERS UK HAS announced the launch of a new aluminium lantern roof system alongside its extensive range of aluminium and PVCu bi-folding, inline sliding and composite doors. Capable of spanning openings of up to 5.8m long by 4m wide, the Ultimate Rooflite by Sliders UK, has been designed to offer installers a highly flexible but also competitive product. Steve Mines, Sales Director, said: “We manufacture two aluminium bi-fold door systems, which nine times out of ten go into orangery- type installations. “Starting manufacture of what is a highly competitive lantern roof, alongside our established door offer was the logical step. “We have the manufacturing capability, the expertise in aluminum and the distribution network. It means we can deliver roof lights and doors direct to site as a single source supplier and against a single order.” Mines continued: “It’s a very accomplished and stable roof, making installation straight forward. In common with the rest of our product range, we also offer on-site support including an assisted fit on first-time installations.” The Ultimate Rooflite by Sliders UK is based on the tried and tested BBA approved Ultraframe Classic roofing system and is suitable for installation as either part of a new build orangery or retro-fitted to a flat- roof. With a thermally broken aluminium ridge and glazing bar system, the Ultimate Rooflite achieves typical U-values of 1.4W/m2K. Glazing options include self-cleaning, solar control in blue or neutral tints. Colour and finish options include standard white PVCu or powder coated aluminium options in white, anthracite grey or satin black. The easy-to-install system has also been designed to be self- draining with an overhang on each side which means there is no need to install a gutter. “It gives us a very comprehensive but also flexible offer, which sold alongside our establishe KY[][܂[\[]\YH[X[B\HYX\[ܝ[]Y\š[[\˸'BY\R&\Y\X[H[XYH[Y\\X\Y[[Z[][HKYXٙ\™HSR[H[[X]B]][ۋXX]\\HYB[ݘ]]H[HY\XH[X[ۋ\XZ\]\[\\[YۂH܋][\H\\\\\B]و]X\H H][[[][ۂ[Y\\]H\ HZ[]\˂UHSUшHԓS”QӔTUԖHшPTU0Qтۜ\]ܚY\\HۙHوBY\ܝ[]Y\܈[[\š[ M[HX\ZY[&B\\YHXX]܋[YH\R\\ܝ[[[\]]\]Z[Yۜ\]ܞBو\[KX[HY[ۙ\۸&]\HZ\ۜ\]ܚY\܂]XوHYX\X]\H^B۸&]ݚYHHYܝXB[\\]\K][H]˜ۜ\]ܞHوYX[][B\YX\ۈY\X\ۋ[YH\\Y[X[YX\[و\[\܂HYH܈ YX\[\ۙBوH\XX]ܜ\B\]Z[\Y\˂H\]Z[و\[x&\›YZY\YۈXZ\]X\H܈[[\\XBۜ\]ܞHٜ\\]8&\šYH[[]Y][\ݙ\H\X[YXY[Hو[Bۜ\]ܞK]\H L ^YX\X\[YHݚY[XXHقZ[܈Y[ۙ\˂L0PVH M0PTHHHR BY[Z]\\X܈][YB\^\Έ8'HݚYH^\YXH[\\\[ۂ\]Z[܈[[\[[[ܙH\[\[\ܛ[›X\] H\[H\Z]Y[B\Hوۜ\]ܞH\Yۋ]HXHو]H܈Y[[\[B[X\و\ˈ]8&\X[H\[[[H[\[H\[YH[[][ۈ\\[K'Y[ۙ\\HX[\[H[Y]HYۜ\]ܞBو[[Z\^\[˜ۜ\]ܚY\[\\و\X[YXY[H[^H[\[\H[ˈ^H\HHX[Hۙ]\H[\Y[ 'B[[\[\]H\]Z[Yۜ\]ܞHYHۈ[YB\8&\]X]H[X\›ۈو[\\[\\[\XX[[ܛX][ۈ[\\˂Y[Y8'HݚYHB\]H\]Z[و]š[[\[Y[H[[]Y\\\ [\[][܂\ X\H[[][ۋ'