Clearview National May 2017 - Issue 186 - Page 118

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS SAMPLE KITS IN DEMAND » » JUST A FEW WEEKS after launch, requests for the new SMARTGLASS® Dynamic sample kits have exceeded two hundred, with companies and individuals keen to try out this revolutionary, self-tinting, glass technology for conservatories, Orangeries and other glazing elements. There has been considerable investment in these handy-sized sample kits, which encourages users to place a sample piece of SMARTGLASS® Dynamic in any hot liquid for 30 seconds. After such time the glass has transformed from a clear to a darkened state, reflective of the process that occurs when this glass technology is exposed to direct sunlight in various window, door and glazed roof elements. Jason McCabe commercial and site director of Clayton Glass commented: ‘The number of requests for the glass has exceeded expectations by some way in just a matter of weeks. We believe this technology has considerable scope for the conservatory sector in particular, given the fact we can make units in any shape and delivered nationwide within 10-14 days from point of order. He continues: ‘Sales savvy companies will look to promote this technology to early adopting consumers eager for an adaptive and dynamic living environment.’ A NEW ADDITION TO THE FAMILY » » NANO 470, THE LEADING innovator in glass bonding are proud to announce a new addition to the company’s ever increasing product range. IC40 incorporates all the benefits of the existing range but with increased viscosity, this added benefit allows for the adhesive to be beaded onto vertical areas as well as more traditional horizontal work. Allowing time for positioning of the glass with less run off and slumping. John Jackson, Managing Director, says, “This new product has been developed over the past 2 years, and further strengthens the product range for use in Industrial manufacturing applications, DIY uses and glass artists alike. “We developed IC40 in conjunction with a major USA refrigeration manufacturer, which makes 4 million units per annum and was unhappy with the household name brand they had been using. After exhaustive testing by them including humidity, freezing, impact, shear and drop tests. IC40 passed with flying colours.” IC40 is a very high strength glass-glass and glass-metal adhesive, which carries forward the brands trade mark benefit of dual cure either using UV light sources or visible light sources which are low cost so much more suitable for the DIY user or occasional user. NEW ADDITION • Triple silver high performance glass offers enhanced aesthetics. • Consistently neutral transparent appearance. Guardian Glass is introducing a new addition to its eXtra Selective family of solar control glass: Guardian SunGuard® SNX 60. SNX 60 is ideal for commercial facade applications that require high performance, energy efficiency and improved aesthetics. New SunGuard® SNX 60 offers a highly desirable and consistently neutral transparent appearance. It was developed to provide optimal aesthetics and technical performance on both Guardian ExtraClear® float glass – available as SunGuard® SNX 60 – and on Guardian UltraClear™ low-iron float glass – available as SunGuard® SNX 60 Ultra. According to Nicolas Gouzou, Product Manager at Guardian Glass: “The introduction of SunGuard® SNX 60 marks the first of a new generation of triple- silver products characterised by 118 » MAY 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M enhanced aesthetics and colour, regardless of the angle of vision. We foresee the launch of further products for this range in the near future.” New SunGuard® SNX 60 is available in both annealed and heat treatable versions. It can also be supplied on laminated glass for safety, security or acoustic applications and may help lower a building’s energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning.