Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 71

COLOUR New spray booth for colour specialist LETTER TO THE EDITOR The window industry is no stranger to hype, but I don’t think I’ve seen a stronger trend than the current swing to colour. » » WE ANTICIPATED THE trend, and invested in manufacturing, logistics and marketing so Deceuninck fabricators and installers could sell colour with confidence. We aimed to be 100% ‘colour enabled’ and ahead of trend so we wouldn’t hold them back, no matter how strong the demand. So, we invested in a highly skilled foiling team, sophisticated foiling plant and technology, stocked 26 colourways and colour matched ancillaries and trims to make them look perfect And with Deceuninck Online, fabricators can look into the warehouse 24/7 and put their name on the profiles they want – even single lengths of foiled profile – knowing they’ll arrive on their next delivery. Some said we were daft; that smart Syscos keep their money in the bank and extrude to order instead of making for stock. But the trend to colour is turning into a torrent, and you need that investment to service the demand. Most fabricators can’t benefit from the trend because their Syscos are not colour enabled. They extrude and foil to order, so they ( &RV&RF&W7B&VFRf'&6F'2v&P7W'&6VB'F2w&wF( 2WfVGV&W2&V6W6RFW( &R@w&vrBFV"&FW"FP27FǒvFR66VVG26W"6FrB&W"7V6Ɨ7@6W"FV227FVBWr7&&FG2f7F'v6FRvVfVBЦ&6VB662vrBFw&rF2vW&gV6W"w&wF2&VrG&fV'FRFVB`FR&WBFRfW2( 2FW VvW'2v6R'FvvRЦg&VR"&vVǒ'FvvRg&VPW2fR&V6FVB&FǐfVRFWfRFRWB6VFfRFfW7Bখ&frFV"RBFW6ff&BF'WFR&VWFgVvFw2f&&ǒfVBF@RFV"RWfV&PGG&7FfRBfV&RFRfRG2FR6&涖p72&WBbVvW'2v&R( W7B&WBv~( 7Fǐ'WvFRvFw2&V6W6RWfW'V6VG2धW7BF&VRV'2vRfW FV6WV6vFw2vW&R6W"v7BRffRFR&WB'rBV7f"f'&6F'0B7FW'2F6V6W"vRW@&6WBVFW"W"6W"6W2FW6R&RFRfwW&W2&V@FV6WV6( 26F&R6W"FW( &R6FRfwW&W0&VBFV6WV6f'&6F'>( 7V66W72FR&WB( FRG&VBF6W"2GW&pFF'&VB@RVVBF@fW7FVBF6W'f6RFRFVB( + +DR%U4U507V6Ɨ6W26W"6Fpd7RfGFw26VFrvFw2F'266W'fF&W2BFW FW&2VFW"ֆW6R"6FR&V7G2&VVfBg&FP6( 2WW&V6RfW"FV৖V'2FR7&rGW7G'vFFV662gVǒVƖfV@Bv&2wV&FVVBFR'W6W72v66'&W0WB66WF2&W'2FvFRW6W2FR&W7BG2@FW&2f&R7W7vFR67'WF6琥6V7&WF'( W cc06W%FV26CUE c%Fb0ХFW7BFWfVVB2FRWp7&&FvFFRf7F'BvR&R6ffW&r6V7FBFVƗfW'6W'f6RFRWr&FvrW0Fw&r'WB7FFFPGW&&VBFRvRffW"FW"7W7FW'2vR6fPFW"fWBFR&@FrFR66WF2&W"6FPbFR'W6W72( W"vf"#2Fw&rFR'W6W72&Ff7F'B6FRpFW'2v&RbFR6W'f6W0vRffW"( #3C3PR"#W"F&VBFR6W'f6RffW'0ֆW6R7&f6ƗFW26FR7&pB66WF2&W"6W'f6P4ФՐ54ՐV'2WW&V6PvFfW"V'0WW&V6RvFFP7&rGW7G'gVǒVƖfVB7&W'0W6rFRFW7@FV6wBv&pFFRvW7B7FF&Bv&2wV&FVV@vRffW"6WFPwV&FVRf"v&6'&VBWB66W&Vǒ&"4vVBFV6WV6T`&V@FRfR6WFrF6VVV7fw&W6Vwwr6W"FV26V6#BScSSbVf6W"FV26VVB2V''GW7G&W7FFRfbvv7&gB&B&'W''&FvRvVfVBtcBT`2R%bRrR2 +"# +s