Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 56

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Start-up package announced » » FROM AS LITTLE AS £18,000, fabricators can now look to offer The Residence Collection as an additional PVCu system, albeit this is an integrated suite of three window and door systems. There are also considerable added benefits of single length ordering and full factory training in The Residence Academy. With margins getting ever tighter, particularly for small to medium sized fabricators, the low entry cost and introduction of The Residence Collection can bring in far better net margins as many other trade partners have shown. Market research has also shown that it is in the premium and super premium sectors that are showing the greatest growth and return. With a modest investment and small production space required, The Residence Collection can be adopted by companies, eager to have great product control and benefit from the additional margins. With full training and set up assistance, along with the unrivalled marketing programme, it’s a proposition that many existing customers are thriving on. Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection commented: ”Our new start up package shows that entry costs are low into the premium and super premium sectors.” WELLINGBOROUGH CHOSEN FOR ADVANCED WINDOW RECYCLING PLANT » » VEKA RECYCLING LTD, A DIVISION of one of the world’s biggest PVCu window profile manufacturers has chosen Wellingborough for the location of what will be Europe’s most advanced facility dedicated to recycling PVCu window and door profiles. The company has taken over a former metals recycling plant in Neilson Road on the Finedon Industrial Estate in the north east of the town and will spend more than £8 million to create build a facility ready to accept and convert UK unused offcuts and old PVCu windows into re-usable polymer. The 5.5-acre Wellingborough plant will be the third such facility to be built by VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH, the specialist recycling subsidiary of the VEKA AG Group, of which VEKA Recycling Ltd is a wholly owned division. The latest, the Wellingborough plant, will enable VEKA Recycling Ltd to fully re-process PVCu window and door frames into material that can be re-manufactured as new products including window profiles, cills and trims and a range of products as diverse as cable management and construction products. Plans are for the plant to open initially this year and to be fully operational from spring 2019. NEW YEAR, NEW PRODUCTS » » FREEFOAM BUILDING Products have got off to a cracking start in 2018 with the launch of two new ɽՍ)Ʌ̃LѡɅєɕIչ)ѕȁMѕ履)ѕɥȁɅ) Ie1% A91L)ݥѡɽݥՍ)ɥ܁ѡAY ѕɥ)ɽՍ́ɕ)܁܁Ʌ履)́Ѽ՝ЁѡɽՍ)ɥQձѥєɸ)݅٥ѡə)屔ٕ)ѡѕɹѥٔѼѥ̀)ͅ٥ѥ)ͥѼѼ)ѡ履Ʌɕ)չՔѽՔɽٔ)ѥѕ䁅م(؃ 4H 0IY$\U, <4)ɽɕ͡)ݥѠɅѥٔɽյմ)ɥ́ѼٔɽЁѥ)хѥ)9Q!I %Q)I%9]QHI9)Qձɥ䁽I)ѡɅєɕ䁙ȁݥ́)ٕ́́)ѡЁ܁啅̰ɥ)䁹܁ٕͥ)ɽչѡչ丁ɕ)͕́Օѥ͕ͅ)́Ʌ݅ѕȁɅ)ѡɅєɕ䁥ɕ͔ٕȁѡ)Ѐѡ̸)QɕɕɅ݅ѕ)ѕ́ՙɕᅍѱ)ѼI؁ݥѽ)Ѽɕєձ䁍ɑѕ)ͥ)ܹɕ