Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 48

PROUD SPONSOR OF ALL DOORS ALLDOORS Showcasing showrooms of the month » » AS PART OF THE NEW Network Development Programme, Solidor have launched a new ‘Showroom of the Month’ initiative that’s designed to reward trade partners who have created an outstanding sales environment for consumers. This new initiative is open to all Solidor customers and the first of which to receive the coveted award is Bristol-based Caddy Windows, which is a family run business founded in 1984 and Graham and Margaret Caddy. Today their popular showroom features 25 different Solidor combinations in a sleek and polished environment, that’s a perfect example of how best to present premium, solid- core composite doors. It’s no surprise that the combination of site location near a high footfall retail park and an inspired internal layout, have made Caddy Windows the ULTIMATE ROSE INSTALLATION » » ROSEVIEW’S WORLD- class Ultimate Rose has helped celebrated installer Truro Windows give a stylish Cornish property an outstandingly authentic facelift. An ageing and draughty timber sash window in a quirky Kenwyn cul-de-sac needed replacing – but the new product had to replicate the original’s distinctive arched design down to the finest details and match the feel and character of the surrounding estate. The owners didn’t want to replace timber with timber – the window in question was on the upper floor of the property, and the task of regularly painting and maintaining a wooden product was arduous. stand out choice for the first Showroom of the Month award. In the months to come there will be other worthy recipients, both large and small, joining an elite list of winners, who will additionally benefit from a new award icon, which will be added in the ‘Find Local Installers’ section of the Solidor website. But where other installers might have panicked, Truro knew exactly where to turn – Buckinghamshire-based Roseview, undisputed masters of all things sash window. Over 40 years, Roseview’s reputation has been built on offering the most authentic, highest-performing PVCu sash window projects on the market – and its most celebrated model of all is the award-winning Ultimate Rose. First introduced in 2013, its slim timber-like profiles, meeting rail, and period features as painstakingly detailed as full mechanical joints, run-through- sash horns and traditional sash furniture immediately marked the Ultimate Rose out as special. Together, Truro and Roseview collaborated to produce an Ultimate Rose that exactly matched the design of the property’s timber window – including its distinctive arched head. SHOWROOM SUPPORT PACKAGE RAISES THE BAR » » DISTINCTION DOORS CONTINUES to raise the bar in the products it offers an )ѡЁЁɽ٥̸QѕЁᅵ)ɭеЁѡӊéɽ٥)ѥձɱձȁݥѠѽ̃L)͡ɽЁѡЁ)ѽ́ѼѡЁѡɭд)ɕѥ́ѥѥϊdͥє)́ȸ) ѡ1ɭѥѥ)ϊd5ɭѥ5Ȱͅ胊q=)ݕͥєɕ́܁͡ɽѽ)ѼɅݹ́Ѽɔ)ѥѥɽՍ́ͽ=ѡeɔ)ѡ͡ɽȁ͡ɽ( 4H 0IY$\U, <4)ݥх́ѡ)ѥѥɕ͔ѡ)ͅt)ѥѥéፕЁ͡ɽ)Ց́ɅЁͅ)ɭѥѕɅѡЁ́ѡ)Յ䰁ɕչՔ͕)ѡѥѥȁɅѡɵɔ)ѥѥé͡ɽѽ́ٔ)ѡȁݸȵͥȁљɴ)ѼɕєѕɅѥٔݡɔ)ݹ́٥܁ѡȁѡȁݸ)ɕՕЁսє)ܹѥѥ̹