Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 44

PROUD SPONSOR OF ALL DOORS ALLDOORS How to up-sell with Confidence » » ASA MCGILLIAN, MANAGING Director of door manufacturer Apeer and the man behind the highly successful Lumi window and door system, shares his experiences about homeowners’ willingness to up their budgets. Northern Ireland–based Apeer has been through a dramatic transformation during the past three years. Driven by the perpetually smiling Asa McGillian, the Ballymena firm has morphed from a highly competent if conventional manufacturer of a rather nice range of composite residential doors, to becoming something of a mould breaker in the field of windows and doors per se. The transition has come about following the launch of the widely heralded Lumi range of windows and doors, which the judges hailed as ‘a product that truly reinvents the window’ when they bestowed the G Awards Product of the Year award on the system. Since then the company has pursued a marketing strategy that has seen Apeer take Lumi to homeowners and installers via a tortuous 25 consumer homes and trade shows during the past two years, one that has brought the company and its staff into close contact with its potential customers. And the results have offered, says Asa, quite a learning curve: “We pursued what has been an exhausting exhibition programme because we u ѽɱ䁽ѡЁѡ(Ѓ 4H 0IY$\U, <4)ѡѥ́ȁ܃aɅϊdݥ)ȁѕ1յձЁձ)չѕѡɽ՝ѽɅ̸)ѡ́ɽٕѡ͔Lݡ͕ѡ)ɽՍ́ѡ䁅ɔݕЁٕ݅䁙܁)ٔͅѡ䁑eЁѡɅٕ)ѡ䁅ɔЁݡЁѡ䁅ɔȸ+qQɕ͔ݔɕٕՅ䁍͕)́ѼȁɭѥɅѕ䁙)1յ͔ݡЁݔչ1յ́)ݥ܁ѕݥѠхͱ)ɕͥѥ̰Ս́)ѡѡЁݔ܁Ցѡ)́ЁȁɽȁȁȰͥ)ѡͥє̃LѡЁ́ݡɔݔ)ٔɹЁݹϊdݥ)ѼѕȁѡȁɥՑ́ݡ)ѡ͕ͽѡѡЁɕ䁍э́ѡ)ѥ%ѡȁݽɑ̰ȁͽѡ)Ʌɑ䁅ѡݥѡ)ȁЇt)̈́́ͅѡЁѡ́ɥ́)ɕɍѡɽ՝ѡéݕͥє)ɽݥхȁѽ)ѡЁٔэѼˊéȁձ)ѽͅѥ́Ʌͥє̸+q]ٔյȁх́ݡɔ)Ѽѡȁݹȁѽ́ɥ)̰̰ɑ݅ɔЁѱ)յȁɵхѥ́ѡЁЁѡ)ѥѽ́ɔչLȁ͔ЃLѼ)ȸєѡɕ͔Ёѡ)́ѕ݅䁅ٔѡѽˊéɕյ)Ցаݡѡ͕ݡЁ́مѼ)ѡѡ䁙ѡ䰁ѡȁՑа)ͥ䁉͔ѡ䁍ЁͽѡѡЁ)չՔѼѡѡЁѡ䁡)ɕ٥ͱ+q]ٔչѡ͕ɕЁ́Ѽ)ͽѡѡЁ́չՔѼѡ)Ȱݡ́ɕͥݥѠ)ѽͥѥ쁽ȁѕɹѥٕѼɔ