Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 43

With outstanding tolerance and adjustability our trade range of aluminium doors and windows provides exceptionally simple installation. 1.19 ** Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, Ali doors and windows put in an impressive thermal performance, achieving U-values* as low as 1.1 W/m 2 K, and are available in an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes, both inside and out. Complete with slim sightlines, in a choice of configurations and sizes, and simple to fabricate using existing tooling, the range has been developed with the fabricator and installer at its heart. So, when flexibility matters, ask for Ali. *Triple glazed flat-faced vent option. **Sliding folding door. Triple glazed option. When calculated as a CEN standard. W/m 2 K 1.1 * W/m 2 K