Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR Spring is showing its face at last. And I for one am ready for sunnier times after a long, tough winter. Although the New Year sales were extended in many quarters they still fell somewhat flat as shoppers tightened their belts instead of splashing out. » » RISING FOOD PRICES AND BILLS ARE denting households’ incomes as expenditure outstrips wages. The optimists in the finance sector say this could be temporary and wages will start recovering. Some even predict a small rise in household spending. That may hopefully be reflected in our industry as homeowners continue to stay put and improve their properties rather than moving. And of course, spring is perfect for those DIY projects. Many homeowners are looking to re-create the elegant looks lost on their older properties when the first PVCu casements were installed. This explains strong demand for heritage and premium products as well as surface textures and special colours (see our colour feature starting on page 70). Driving more sales is the top priority for fabricators, installers and others this year, as research from Epwin says (page 10). Some companies are well-prepared. Look at the example of ERA home security on page 12 and read about its impressive new premises just outside Wolverhampton. We visited the sleek facility and it points to a very different future from the traditional image of the locksmith industry. It also paves the way for a brave new world of smart home security. Other big changes are on the way. In May, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes full effect. It’s fair to say it will have an impact on every business in the UK, which is why we have devoted extra space this month to look at the rules (pages 20 and 26). We’ve also given more space in this edition to getting into the minds of industry directors. Check out our Director of the Month feature with Apeer’s Asa McGillian on page 30. Asa also gives us his secrets on how to upsell (page 44) while on page 50, DOORCO’S Jayne Sul ƗfFV2W2v6RfG2g&7F2BvV'&&VrfǒbN( 2&GV7G2^( &RgFW"GW&FvRcBF6VRv&W2&&v66w2fbFR&W7BV֖VЦg&&WW'2&VWFgV2B6&֗6RFW&Vff6V7"vVFW"&W67F6RआVVVFF B +"# +4T%dRrT2Фv&FV&0VW6VBЦG2b76P+ +DU4tTB24TbЦ6FVB'VFrf"W6PV"&VBFR66FPvBv&FV&vfW07FW'2FR'GVGFffW"W6VFW'2WG&76RGG&7FfRrFV6P6vR( 2BFVW6VvF6VVF'&GV7G2f&Rg&WW&6V( 0FRf7FW7Bw&vr7V6Ɨ7@'VFr&GV7G2WGv&FRT( 2FRv&FV&Ч&WV&W2rW&֗76BFW2ǒGvF2FW&V7@BFRbV"&fFVB@2G'FR&W7VB2vǒfW'6FP76RFB6&RRff6Rv&6&""( 6f^( ( 06RF&VBVvBvg&BBB2FRvF&V76VB66FRvBv0vF6&Rb7VF( 2WFF&VRFW2&RFF&W FW&FfW2( 2FVWFR76Pv&BVW&wVff6VBBVvW'2666R&WGvVVGvfW'637FF&B&"RvF6BFVw&FV6p&VआVvW'26VFV Wr&FRvVFvPFBB6W2vF#RזV wV&FVRBFBFW&Rv&PVVBFB7F"6VFR66FRvBWFW& BFBFRd7RF"@vFrg&W2W7BVV@6VrwwrWW&6V6Vv&FVЧ&0