Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 31

G L A S S & G L A Z I N G F E D E R AT I O N F E N S T E R B A U F R O N TA L E 2 0 1 8 UKPAVILION Two more companies join the UK Pavilion at Fensterbau » » THE GLASS AND GLAZING Federation is delighted to announce that Regalead and Jackloc have signed up to join the UK Pavilion at Fensterbau Frontale 2018. Both are high quality companies and are welcome additions to the UK Pavilion. Regalead been supplying bevels throughout the world for 20 years and continue to refine and expand our range each year to provide customers with the optimum product selection and the highest quality, The company is currently Europe’s market leaders in the design and development of bevels for glass overlay. Jackloc are the Queen’s Award-winning original cable restrictor specialists. Their full range of universal window and door restrictors safeguard thousands of lives every day worldwide, by dramatically reducing the risk of falls from windows. Jacklocs can be found across the world in both residential and 6W&6Ɩ6F26VFrFV27F2BVGV6FदW2VRttbF&V7F"bw&W&WFrFFVB( 27G2bFRTfƖFRttb2FVƖvFVBFvV6P&F&VvVBB62&&B( ФfV7FW&&Rg&FR#FW26RW&V&W&r##B&6B&VfV7G2FPv&GvFRfF2vFw2F'2@f6FW2ইGGwwrvvb&rVUr$UBT4B( dT5DU$$Re$D^( Ь+ +%tRtTBĔRDRW"7V6f2f7W27W7FW"&VVfG2&VƗG&&ǒvFW"Wrfw6&GV7B( 2&F"F27V6f0VFvRg&FR6&bFP&&BbF&V7F'2G"V6&@VW&G2&F( 2V&6R@fV7FW&&Rg&FR&F( 2FRFBbGW&আ&Gv&R77FVf"vFw0B&6F'26pFRGW7G'6Rv( 20VFV'FVFǒFRf6B`&F( 2W&F7FBFR&vPb&GV7G2v2&W6VFVBf"FPf'7BFRfV&W"#r@v6VV'&FRG2ff6&W@V6FRg&66GFR6&VV6fR&vR0&frF&R( 6fR66^( f vFr&GV6W'27FF6W2'VFrVVV@FVW'2B'VFr&Gv&PFVW'22vV2&fFR'VFW'0B&W'GvW'2R&VbFRW&F7F@2FVF6FVBFFV7G&FprgWGW&R&b6'BRЦ6F&R6VG2F@&fFRFFVBfVRf"7W7FW'0&RW6VB&7F6Ɩ6F2ƖvB6rFV7G&FW0r&VFR6G&7V626'GR"F&WBW&FW0FRRFV2G&fRFR&W7VB2VrB66rvFrFFFFR67G'V7F7WƖW 2V6rFW"fFFRf&bv&VW726V6"2R%bRrR2 +"# +3