Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 30

DIRECTOROFTHEMONTH Tidy desk, tidy mind Apeer’s Asa McGillian talks about being organised, the pay-off for hard graft on the trade show circuit – and Elon Musk. 1. NAME/JOB TITLE: Asa McGillian, Managing Director, Apeer Doors/Lumi Windows 2. WHEN DID YOU JOIN (OR START) THE COMPANY? Apeer was set up by my father in 1995. I joined the company in 1996 and started out on the factory floor pressing PVCu door panels. I did this for several years before moving in to other areas of the company, but it gave me the vital first-hand experience in production that set me on the path to my current role. 3. DESCRIBE YOUR WORKING DAY I’m a self-starter and early riser. I have a spin bike and kettlebells in a small gym in my house and always do a 7am HIIT workout. That sets me up for the day. Once I’m in the office it’s a mixture of emails, meetings, and working on new projects. I also like to check in on the factory floor from time to time so I can be aware of any potential issues. I’m usually home by 7 PM. 4. WHAT IS YOUR WORKSPACE LIKE? I’m a very organised person and now have three offices, one in each of our three factories. All of them are kept pristine – tidy desk, tidy mind. 5. FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN YOU GET TO YOUR DESK? Like most people, the first thing I do is check my emails. I especially look for customer issues to see how we can improve our current service. I also look for these improvement opportunities at our daily quality meetings. 30 » M AR 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M 6. WHAT WEBSITES HELP YOU? It’s so important to be on top of current affairs and the changes that could, at any time, affect the industry and your business – I’m always using Google News, CNN and BBC sites. 7. MOST USEFUL BUSINESS TOOL? (SAT NAV/APPS ETC) It has to be my i-phone. Being able to access Outlook on the go is key because I’m always moving between our three factories and it means I don’t have to be chained to my desk to get things done. 8. BEST BUSINESS DECISION IN YOUR CURRENT ROLE? Developing the frameless Lumi Window System which launched in 2015, closely followed by the commitment we made to promote Lumi at numerous trade and consumer shows. Our team have completed no less than 25 in the two years since the launch. The shows have been instrumental in the growing success of the brand as the appeal of Lumi can’t always be fully communicated through a brochure or a website - many need to see and feel the product in the flesh to be able to fully appreciate it. The wealth of feedback we got from interacting with customers has also been invaluable and directly informed how the range has evolved and grown since. Not only has this helped to drive up sales, but it continues to bring us new customers and interesting commercial opportunities. 9. FAVOURITE ROLE MODELS AND WHY? I find Elon Musk an interesting character. He’s a man that is always pushing boundaries and challenging the natural order of things. He has gone in and disrupted a number of different industries, but great things have always resulted from those periods of change. 10. HOW DO YOU UNWIND? Being a hands-on dad, I tend to spend much of my down time with my family, but when I do have a day on my own I enjoy getting outdoors and fell running throughout the mountainous regions of Ireland. I took up fell running ten years ago and still try to get out a couple of times a month if I can.