Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 25

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Precision Cutting and Control As really professional craftsmen know, Hultafors’ can deliver just about anything you need for measuring, levelling and marking, striking, cutting and chopping; even prying and wrecking. » » THIS IS A RANGE OF tools that can handle tough applications, last for ages and feel right when you’re working on site. Hultafors’ HBX and HBS saws are well known for their top quality precision cuts and, to complement those models, there’s a brand new range of cutting and sawing tools that include - Bow Saws, general purpose Short Hand Saws, Hack Saws, a Jab Saw, a Concrete Saw plus a superb Japanese Ryoba Saw which is perfect when you need a tool for the finest cuts made with minimal force. So what makes these saws really different? Check out the blade tips for an easier start and ongoing sawing motion control; the easy-to-use blade exchange system; the extra- stable precision blades and the ergonomic to make sawing an easier and more precise experience. MARKETING ON THE AGENDA AT 2018 GLAZING SUMMIT » » A NEW INDUSTRY-WIDE business conference will be held in May, aimed at tackling the big issues facing the glass and glazing industry. The Glazing Summit will take place near Birmingham on May 22nd, and hundreds of industry leaders are expected to attend. Keynote speakers will debate the changing landscape of the industry, the impact of new products and technologies, the implications of Brexit and why some of the established ‘big players’ could disappear. The future of the industry will also be discussed in light of the recent Insight Data Window Industry Report and the latest round of mergers and acquisitions. Andrew Scott, one of the industry’s leading marketing experts, will discuss new, cutting-edge marketing strategies that will help companies gain market share and strengthen their brand and reputation. He will also explain how Purplex generates over 15,000 qualified sales leads per month for their customers. The Glazing Summit is aimed at fabricators, installers, glass companies and material suppliers and the event will include lunch and networking. For more information visit AWARD-WINNING TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE » » EPWIN TAKES TRAINING and development seriously, a commitment that is reflected in the company being awarded the Training & Development Initiative of the Year at the G 17 Awards. Katie Leese, Programme Manager for Excellence as Standard at Epwin, said: “We are proud to have won this award, not least because it’s an endorsement of our people development ethos.” Another reflection of Epwin’s commitment is the central role training and development plays in the company’s membership programme, Excellence as Standard, which aims to drive and promote excellence at every level of member businesses. Katie said: “We know that fabricators and installers are concerned about the skills gap and finding skilled workers.” The EAS Academy offers two routes to creating a skilled workforce: discounted NVQ training and apprenticeships. Both routes are managed by the award-winning The Vocational College (TVC), the largest provider of glass related qualifications in the UK. Excellence as Standard has been praised for blazing a trail in the industry, particularly when it comes to training and development. And in winning the G 17 Award for Training & Development Initiative of the Year Epwin is showing that it is leading by example. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » M AR 2018 » 25