Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 24

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS BARNSLEY FIT REDS WORK TO GET MEN FIT » » WITH THE AVERAGE LIFESPAN OF men living in Barnsley at 4.3% lower than women, and 1.2% lower compared to other men living across the UK, Barnsley FC Community Group, supported by GQA Qualifications are appealing to businesses to sponsor its FIT Reds initiative. The scheme targets men aged 35-years plus to attend a 9-week programme and adopt a better understanding of health and fitness issues, helping them improve their life expectancy. However, the programme, which has been running for over 7 years is seeing its funding come to an end, and FIT Reds Veterans come together to seek support from businesses to allow the programme to continue. Mick Clayton, COE of GQA, who is a Fits Red Veteran and a committee member, commented: “Statistics highlight that men are less likely to be conscious of a healthy lifestyle. “The Fit Reds programme gives men the opportunity each week to attend an informal workshop with a Community Health Trainer, alongside some progressive, physical activities. Every week, individuals gain a better understanding of the effects bad habits can have on their bodies and how to make changes to improve.” fit-reds/fit-reds-2018/ Sealing the Opus » » ‘THE OPUS’ IN DUBAI IS ONE OF the most striking and original architectural developments the world has seen this century, and warm edge experts Edgetech played a crucial role in its construction. The 21-storey tower, designed by celebrated Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, pushes physical and technological boundaries to achieve its extraordinary melting ice-cube shape. Bringing such a bold and outlandish vision to life required world-leading expertise – which is how Edgetech, and its high- performance Super Spacer® TriSeal™, became involved in the project. Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson commented: “That called for a very specific type of spacer bar. Firstly, we couldn’t use automated application – virtually every IGU used on the pro Ё݅́ɕЁ͡M䰁ɥ) 1H !=% +  !M!%I M%9MQ11H!L)ݡЁЁ͍ɥ́́̃aٕͥѥٔ)ɅѕͥdѕȁͥѼAɅ)́ѡȁȁAY ԁݥ̸Q)ݥэѼAɅ́Ё9ѡݥ)́1ѓéɅѕѼЁɽѠ)ɹٕȁɥѡ啅ȁٔѡ)́ѼѡɝЁյȁݥ܁ɽ)مɽɥѽȸ)9ѡݥ́1ѐɕѱ䁵ɅѕѼ)AɅLѡɝЁɥѽȁI)Ʌ́ѡU,LѼ፱ٕͥ)Iԁݥ́ЁѼ)ݥѠɽݥݥѡѡѥ)͕ѽȸ(Ѓ 4H 0IY$\U, <4)QٔѼAɅѡU/éɝ)ՙɕȁAY ԁݥ́)ѡ䁙ɥѽȁٔ)ɽ̀́ѡЁ9ѡݥ́1ѐ)є́Ѽȁѥݥ)ѕ́Ʌ䁕́ɽՍ)љѼѡȁɽѠ)9ѡݥ́1ѐݡɅѕ́ɽ)ՅɔЁͥєɕѱ䁥х)ɽչAY ԁݥ́ݕ)ɽչ ͡ɔѡݥэɽ)хAY ԁȁѕȁɕհ)ͥɅѥ)ܹɅլ)́ݕɔЁѡՕѥLѡ䁍ձe)Ʌѥ䁉Ѽѡݕɐ)ݽəհ́͡ѡЁݕɔɕեɕ+qѡɑ䰁ݔͽѡ)ѡЁɕѡЁٕͥ)əɵ%Ёѕ́݅ɴ)ȁЁݽɬɐѼɵѥ͕ѡ)ݕѡ̸ՔѼѡѡɵ)ѕɅѥݕЁչЁ̰͡)ɽɍ́ɵѱ䁅Ё)ѡչՔѼѡٕЁ)ѡ̻t)ܹѕլ