Clearview National March 2018 - Issue 196 - Page 16

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Fabricator hits the fast track » » ISLE OF WIGHT FABRICATOR GTI Glazing Systems has become the latest fabricator to switch to profiles and products from Eurocell – the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of window, door, conservatory and roofline products. Director Neil Johnson cites quality of service, competitive pricing and innovation as the three main reasons for changing suppliers. “Service is important, and we felt we weren’t receiving the support and attention that we should have, and Eurocell delivers that as well as providing well-designed, well-engineered products at a good price”, he says. “We’re always keen to grow and we need a pipeline of new and exciting products to do that, so Eurocell fits the bill”. Founded by Neil and his two partners, Michael Roberts and Patrick Brady, in 1992, GTI Glazing Systems has grown to become the Isle of Wight’s largest window and conservatory fabricator and installer. GTI has more than 50 employees and numerous installation teams specialising in all aspects of the glazing and building industry. Switching to Eurocell profiles is streamlined and simple because each new fabricator has its own technical support engineer who handles everything from initial set-up and advice on production efficiency through to trouble- shooting. SALES TEAM STRENGTHENED WITH KEY NEW APPOINTMENT Emma Gibbins Francesca Plows » » BUCKINGHAMSHIRE-BASED SASH window specialists Roseview have strengthened their customer-facing team with new appointments and promotions. Emma Gibbins joins the team as a Sales Administrator – a vital frontline role that streamlines the relationship between the fabricator and its clients. “It’s my job to build effective relationships with our customers and any potential customers,” says Emma. “I’m the first point of contact for quotes, technical drawings and sales materials, and generally try and be as helpful as I can! “The atmosphere here is really fun and busy, which is great - but everyone is incredibly serious about delivering value for our clients.” What’s more, an internal promotion has seen existing Sales Administrator Francesca Plows step up and take on additional responsibilities. “My role now has three key aspects to it,” Francesca explains. “Firstly, I run our ѡɥ͕хȁݽɬ]Ʌє)́ȁȁݽɬ́ӊé)Ѽѕȁѡ͔́ѡɽ՝Ѽɽٕ)I͕٥܁х́ɽչѡչ+qM䰁$͔ݥѠѽ́)ٕ䁑ѕ̸ѡɑ䰁'eٔɕѱ)хٕȁI͕٥ߊéͽݡ$)䁕䁉͔Ёٕ́Ѽ)Ёɕѥٔt)ܹɽ͕٥ܹլ)%PM!=\I)UY9QL=HQ!UQUI+ %PY9QL1Q=I9%MH=)ѡՍ͙հ%PMܰ)չ́́͡ɕ)Սɔ́5ѝ1ѐݡ)ɝٕͥ́ͥ԰)ѡɥ͡ɕȸ չ)5ѡ܁ٕȁAհݥɕ)͡ɕ́ɕѽ́ѡ)ݥѠ5ѡ܁́ ɵٕ́́)ɕѽȁ9]и) 䰁ٕѽ)ѡͥ́ͥ԰́ɕե͡)́͡ɕЁѡ̸ͥ)́5ѝ1ѐ́Ѡ)Ʌѥ䁉̸ͥ%Ё́ɕͥ)ٕ́ݥѡѡեՍѥ(؃ 4H 0IY$\U, <4)͕ѽȁՑa_dѡU,ѥ͡)ȁѡ䁅ɹɔɥ̰)MəͥMܰ%ѕɉեɥ)́ɥѡѕȁݡ)х)͉ɜ丁Q)䁡ٕ́́ݥɅѡ)͕ѽ́ՑЁAѽɅ䰁)ɥ!х䰁Mɥ䁅)ѡ̸)ȁ́5ѝ1ѐ́5)ɕѽȁ́ͅ胊q]ٔ)ٕ䁅݅ɔѡ%PM܁ѡ)ɕ́Ս́ѡЁѡٕЁ́)ͥ́Ё͡܁쁥Ё́ɕѱ)ɕѡᡥѥ今t$)ܹܹ͡լ