Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 99

HARDWARE& SECURITY THE UPRISING OF SOMETHING SPECIAL FROM G-U UK »»GRETSCH-UNITAS HAS BEEN servicing the fenestration industry for many decades, and most will be aware of the company’s brands including BKS and Ferco. The German based organisation was initially founded in 1907 by Mr Viktor Gretsch. In 1910, Viktor was joined by Johann Maus as his partner and managing director. Over the last century, the company has been passed down through generations of Johann’s s descendants and is still to this day a family owned business. Specialising in the development, manufacture and supply of window and door technologies, employing more than 3,700 and operating in more than 35 different countries, G-U is inevitably one of the largest door and window hardware suppliers in the world. Stephanie Wright, Clearview Editor recently visited G-U’s new offices in Coventry and spoke to the company’s managing director Rob Rossall about how the business has restructured to accommodate the changes in the UK marketplace and what exciting new products Rob and his team have been developing for the fenestration industry. Rob explains: “G-U has built its reputation in the UK initially for the manufacture and supply of our comprehensive range of multi-point locks. Since, the 1990’s our G-U/Ferco range has been a popular choice amongst fabricators, installers and locksmiths and this can certainly be accredited to the manufacturing excellence and quality supplied by our German colleagues. “Over the last few years with the downturn in both the UK and European markets, it was to be anticipated that G-U UK would not go uns cathed, and in 2010 the decision was taken to relocate our warehousing and administration operations to accommodate the decline. “The restructuring included the move to our current managed office suite and a more heightened approach to the way we manage stock into the UK from our foreign manufacturing and distribution base in Germany. “Some claimed at the time, the move to restructure our operating facility was a strategic move to withdraw from the UK market; however, the decision was borne out of ensuring the business stabilised through the recession, continuing to supply products to our target audiences. “Internally, the restructure enabled the business to revisit our position in the UK market, which on all levels was and continues to be an important forum for G-U to operate in. The restructuring was a successful move that has provided double digit growth over the last three years and led to investment in product development for the UK market. “Since then, G-U UK’s focus has been to further improve our approach through our supply chain and the products we offer. Our core range of multi-point locks – Secury A and Secury Europa Multi-point locks have always been at the heart of the businesses product offering and have seen sustainable growth across the UK for many years due to the quality and engineering excellence shown by the performance of the locks. “The G-U Secury A represents a high-end residential and commercial lock, with a fully automatic locking feature as standard. The lock has multiple applications and offers users peace of mind, having been included in successful security and document Q testing as well as FD 30 and FD 60 fire testing. Our GU Secury Europa forms G-U’s mid range multi-point lock offering. A traditional lever/ lever or split spindle product, again meeting the requirements of PAS 23/24 and document Q. “In 2015, we added the GU 3000 range of multipoint locks to target existing Asian imports and other trade locks in the sector. We experienced immediate success with the range and this has continued to be the case sinces its launch. “The BKS range of mortise locks and associated architectural hardware is one of the most comprehensive available, offering narrow case and DIN case size mortice locks; single point and multipoint escape locks; electric solenoid locks; motor locks; mechanical and electrically controlled escape hardware; cylinder systems and access control products. “BKS products have been successfully securing the doors of major commercial installations in the UK for over 30 years and are widely specified on an ever increasing number of key projects presently underway in the UK and Irish market place. “Our multi-point lock range has been widely used in both the OEM and replacement markets for many years and both industries recognise the quality of fitting a G-U Lock, which is why more recently G-U UK has concentrated its efforts on creating more high-level, highly specified range of products for the replacement market including, the newly launched TS007 3* BKS Euro cylinder. “We have been developing a range of new products over the last few years, to be even more suited for the UK market. The new 3* Euro cylinder has what we believe to be the qualities needed for the OEM and replacement market. Not only is it stamped with the BKS branding, needing no additional prepping, anti-snap, pick, drill and bump resistant, but has a unique USP - with a LED light fitted to the key case head, for ease of use in dark or low light environments. “A single LED key is supplied in with the cylinder, along with two normal keys and two fixing screws, giving the Locksmith the opportunity to sell spare LED keys to the homeowner. We believe this to be a unique selling proposition for the Locksmith, a chance to up-sell with added benefits over their competitors. “Over the forthcoming months, the industry will see more cost effective products designed and developed by G-U to help gain additional sales and margins, and with the business looking at both direct sales and through distribution to widen the products sales areas, there is an opportunity to gain higher margin sales from unique new products. ” Rob concludes. For more information regarding G-U products visit C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » M AR 2016 » 99