Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 93

CONSERVATORIES Complete Conservatory Package »»ARE THE DAYS OF SHOPPING around over for conservatory installers? Traditionally, they would buy roofs from one supplier, window and door frames from another, and source their glass somewhere else as well, but is this practice dying out? According to Wellingborough based fabricator Astraseal that is exactly the feedback they’re getting from their installer customers. Astraseal manufacture an extensive range of PVCu and aluminium windows, doors and conservatories, and, according to sales and marketing manager Zac Nedimovic, they’re getting more and more enquiries from installers who are attracted by the fact that Astraseal can offer everything under one roof. Zac explains: “Many of our customers are starting to realise that it’s easier and more cost effective to buy their complete conservatories, and indeed all their products, from Astraseal, rather than shopping around and using different suppliers. From a service perspective, installers have one point of contact during the whole buying process, and because they’re buying direct from the manufacturer, they know who to turn to if they have any technical questions. If an installer’s working on a complex job, for example incorporating a wide span conservatory roof, bi-folding door and a house full of windows, it’s reassuring for them to know they’ll be getting a delivery from one accountable source. As for price, shopping around doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the best deal. We’re a high volume fabricator and we operate an incredibly lean factory which means you’ll be hard pushed to find better prices for the quality we are able to offer.” According to Zac, another reason conservatory installers are switching to Astraseal is because of their ability to manufacture bigger, more complex conservatories. “Quite often an installer will try us for the first time because there current supplier is unable or unwilling to tackle a particularly challenging conservatory project. Once the installers experiences the exceptional quality and service available from Astraseal, we tend to win all their conservatory work.” Zac continues: “We physically build the roof in the factory first; including cutting glazing supports and glazing enclosures to size, and fitting the cresting; so we know it goes together and our customers have less to do onsite.” The conservatory marketplace is evolv ing, with the ‘white plastic box’ rapidly going out of fashion and sophisticated extensions becoming more popular, and Astraseal has a product range to match. Its core conservatory offering features the Synseal global roof paired with a choice of REHAU PVCu or Smart aluminium windows and doors. Often, these conservatories are specified in a stylish colour and more increasingly, dual colour. “Consumer tastes are becoming more sophisticated and ‘unusual’. Colours such as chartwell green and duck egg blue are becoming commonplace,” says Zac. “We colour coat our frames in-house and offer an almost unlimited choice. This service is especially useful when working with PVCu, because we are able to colour the whole frame, including the rebate, which is simply not possible with foils.” Another key trend according to Zac is the growth in glass conservatory roofs, which are beginning to overtake polycarbonate. “Glass roof technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and consumer awareness around the product is definitely starting to increase. Consumers want a conservatory they can use all year round, not one that will be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, and glass roofs achieve this. We offer standard spec glass units or there is a £200 upgrade to Pilkington Activ Blue, which offers the very best in heat solar control, thermal efficiency and self-cleaning. We manufacture all our glass units in-house and recently invested in a new toughening plant for maximum efficiency.” One of the most interesting products in Astraseal’s conservatory portfolio is the Global Summer orangery system, which provides the distinguished look of a traditional orangery without the need for expensive parapet walls, leak prone flat roofs, or the added engineering complexity of a lantern roof. The product may look complex but in fact is surprisingly easy to install, incorporating high-quality aluminium decorative gutter fascias and internal pelmet pods that hook onto the eaves beam. Zac comments: “The Global Summer is a very powerful product because it gives installers an opportunity to upsell from a traditional conservatory or to provide another option if an orangery is out of their customer’s budget. Ultimately we want to help our customers capitalise on the latest industry trends and Global Summer forms part of that strategy.” Call Astraseal on 01933 227233 or visit C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » M AR 2016 » 93