Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 48

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The computa al glazing butts enables construc you in accordan tion of façades tions. This UCW values to compute the is carried ce with most current EN 13947:20 for nearly out any type 07, of façade. At low temperature along the s, condensation edges or SWISSPACER of the glass develops panes. significantly V, the By using on windows reduced risk of condensation SWISSPACER spacer as compared bars. building aluminium Taking wooden to up is windows the use of aluminium less than spacers are used and as an example: conditions,-1 °C under consistent with an outside when condensation SWISSPACER temperature temperature begins temperature V, condensation boundary to form. s drop only forms By integrating to less than -10 when outside °C. • Cologne GB • 04.2011 SWISSPACER • Data subject is a registeredto change. trademark. Page 5 Page 6 ● Brochures ● Order forms ● Quote forms ● Quote folders Corporate brochures with your brand Your Logo and colours here and throughout the brochure LOGO Europe’s No 1 profile Ovolo 070 System 1 6 1 Black gaskets and weatherseals, provide lasting performance and slimmer sightlines. 2 Five chambered system is more energy efficient than the 3 chambered designs from many of our competitors. 3 The full depth, central eurogroove helps make the windows and doors more secure. 4 Steel reinforcement is used where needed, to add additional structural strength. 5 The ovolo design of O70 Gold shows off soft sculptured lines in the frame, sash and glazing bead. 6 Single leg glazing bead is highly secure and easy to install on site. 3 5 2 4 State of the art factory Traditional style Astragal Bars ● Option of chamfered or featured Georgian Bar. ● Edge clips, centre clips & bars with mitred ends. ● 25mm wide and 16mm deep for an authentic finish. ● Available in variety of colours ● Can be toe and heeled during installation. ● Removes issue of failed ‘stick on’ alternatives. ● Provides a more authentic finish. Run Through Sash Horns be Energy efficiency A WE R with PLANIBEL A Revolutionary energy efficient glass with a high performance, low-emissivity hard coating specially developed to perform to the highest ratings within the Window Energy Ratings scale from C to A, without the need for edge deletion. Superior isolation characteristics mean higher temperatures are maintained at the edges of glass panes – significantly reducing the risk of condensation. Available in a variety of colours. Pilkington Optiwhite™ is a low iron extra clear float glass with very high light transmission. It is practically colourless, and the green cast inherent to other glasses is not present. @FlairWindows Insulating Glass Units FM 96527 KM 96507 Energy Efficient Windows & Doors ● Sash horn option for O70 Gold system. ● One piece sash horn end cap & integrated gasket. ● Available in variety of colours ● Dedicated die cast universal fixing bracket for mechanical sash joints. 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