Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 18

INDUSTRYNEWS .................................................. Cut fleet fuel consumption with new free flip-book »»BUDGET-STRESSED fleet managers can benefit from the new online Fleet Matters, which offers realistic advice on saving fuel. The latest free flipbook in the Fleet Matters series from Fuel Card Services shows how fleet fuel consumption can be reduced through action in three areas: vehicle care, journey preparation and eco-driving. It offers 22 straightforward measures that any fleet manager can implement to cut fuel usage. Each issue of Fleet Matters contains clear guidance of relevance to any type or size of fleet, including owner-drivers with single vehicles. The advice given can be applied equally by owned, leased and ‘grey’ fleets. The help is based on years of experience in working with fleets nationwide. The measures, presented as ‘Action Points,’ are selected for relevance to all types of road vehicle and to both private and public sectors. ‘Each issue of Fleet Matters contains clear guidance of relevance to any type or size of fleet, including owner-drivers with single vehicles’ Steve Clarke, Group Marketing Manager, said: “Fuel Card Services has proven expertise in helping with vehicle management. Every day, we work with customers ranging from public sector transport managers running just a few vans to private sector fleet managers responsible for hundreds of mixed vehicles. We know the issues, from fuel consumption to emissions monitoring, from talking to them constantly. It takes many years to grow this breadth and depth of experience, which we are now feeding back.” Fleet Matters readers have easy access to its topic’s salient points, with best practice Best practice in fleet management Issue 04 .................................................. In this Fleet Matters: BeatIng costs – 22 ways to save Fuel give the vehicle a chance think ahead Drive greener what help is available? ......................................................... guidance distilled into a compact space. Many fleet managers will already know some of the advice, but most should find something new. There are no sales messages or advertising, just factual information to assist managers in running their vehicles more effectively. The new issue is available online, free, at http:// www.fuelcardservices. com/fleet-matters/ Thinking Vans? »»THINK VANS OFFERS A comprehensive commercial vehicle hire package to businesses on both a local and national scale, supplying a variety of industries, including glazing, locksmiths and trades. The South Wales based company, which is set to move into a new purpose-built building at Atlantic Trading Estate in Barry, South Wales in March, can offer an array of financial packages to suit the needs of your business. Think Vans’ new site will hold a variety of contract vans from renowned commercial 18 » M AR 2016 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M brands such as; Citroen, Fiat, Ford and Mercedes – to name but a few, available on the latest registration plates. The company is also able to support businesses by offering them the opportunity to order preregistration vehicles for 2016, prior to March giving excellent deals. Think Vans has also added new additions to its own fleet and should local business spot one of its white Ford Ka’s out and about they can tweet them @Thinkvans, letting them know where and when they saw the vehicle. For all the latest up to date information about the range of vehicles available go to www. or call our sales team on 0845 4630015. Twitter @ThinkVans or ThinkVans on Facebook