Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 120

INSTALLERSUPPORT Burglars beware »»IN RECENT YEARS, AVOCET Hardware has gone on the offensive against burglars. Its ABS locks has been stopping them in their tracks, while its pursuit of those perceived to be leaving homeowners in the dark about lock-snapping has been tireless. Now Avocet has gone even further, the Brighouse-based company is preparing to launch a product that it says will put an end to the practice of distraction burglary – its AIM Forensic Security System can be sprayed on any would-be burglar with an invisible DNA liquid that ties them to a specific address and provides the police with all the evidence they’ll need to secure a conviction. Clearview’s Editor, Stephanie Wright spoke to Avocet’s managing director, Clive Lloyd about a new product that sounds too good to be true. Clearview: A new product that protects homes and gives the police a helping hand in apprehending burglars. Tell us more. Clive Lloyd: 74% of burglaries in England and Wales take place through a door – whether front, back or side – and as such these main points of entry are also the most vulnerable elements in your home security. The vast majority of products we currently sell are geared towards preventing forced entry. For example, our TS007 3-star rated and SS312 Diamond standard accredited ABS and ATK snap-secure locks will prevent a burglar snapping, bumping or drilling the lock on your door in order to gain entry to your home. We’ve also got a host of other products, 120 » MAR 2016 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M such as our Affinity 3D PVCu and composite door hinges, Affinity multi-point door locks and Pioneer Plus door handles, that are all Secured by Design and all play a major role in preventing break-ins. But the question we found ourselves asking more and more frequently was “what happens if you open the door to a burglar?” The first, and most obvious answer, is that no matter how good the locks, hinges, handles and other door furniture you have fitted are, they are nullified the moment a burglar calls and you open the door. And while traditional door chains do offer some protection, they really don’t act as any kind of a deterrent.