Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 110

PVCu & Aluminium Window Fabrication Machinery From Turkey's Best Brand Kaban Machines now available in the UK with their associate partner Bassra Machine Tools Ltd. Special Prices available for the FIT Show Please visit us on stand number A32 or call us on 0121 707 4343 Two Head Manual Cutting Saw (Digital Display) Sash Assembly Station Automatic Cutting and Processing Line Two head Welding Machine CNC Corner Cleaner Two head Automatic Cutting Saw Welding and Corner Cleaning Line For more information contact CJ KOHLI: Tel: 0121 707 4343 Mob: 07979 805435 Fax: 0121 707 3535 Email: 99 Spring Road, Tysley, Birmingham, B11 3DJ, England, UK