Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 108

MACHINERY The Futures will be Greener for Camden »»NORTHERN IRISH BASED WINDOW fabricator Camden has always been one of the industry’s understated manufacturing companies. However, with the changes in the Irish market over the last century the company has seen a reform and repositioning to make its products eco-friendly and greener. Formed in 1983, by local entrepreneur Patrick Lavery, ‘Camden Frames’ worked out of a small rented site, employing about 30 staff and manufacturing 250 frames per week. Over the following next 10 years, as the Irish house build market continued to boom, demand increased for PVCu products and it wasn’t long before the company was buying out other related production businesses in order to service its own increase in production. ‘Camden Glass’ – a fully automated glass sealed unit manufacture was acquired in Co. Tyrone and supplied all of Camden’s requirements to fulfil demand. With the increase in capacity, Camden also made provisions to take on new production machinery, including high-level, functional CNC’s, welding and glass processing machines, and at its height had (and still does have), the ability to manufacture up to 10,000 frames per week. Today, Camden is still the country’s largest fabricator, sitting on two sites which span over 40 acres and employing over 600 staff. Changes to the economy in the Irish market at the start of the century, however, saw Camden having to reduce its production volumes as the housing market began to slump. The management team were at the time, well aware that the organisation would need re-positioning in the market place if they want to secure the future of Camden’s business. The team set about adapting the company, reviewing its strategy and looking at ways of repositioning through potential investment opportunities to help diversify in to new markets. Bourne out of this strategy was Camden’s desire to create a greener, more eco-friendly business, and after a complete review of its 108 » MAR 2016 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M production facilities, the business found opportunities enabling it to reduce its carbonfootprint and produce energy efficient and eco-friendly products. In 2012, Camden launched Inliten, an exclusively designed multi-chamber profile system, manufactured using recyclable products – refined and extruded onsite. Inliten uses up to 80% recyclable material produced from scrapped PVCu units, processed through the company’s onsite plastic recycling division, approximately one mile away from its main site. The processing plant receives up to 150 tonnes of scrap frames weekly which is then sorted using high-tech sensor driven machinery to remove any glass, metal or gaskets through an automated sorting machine. The plastic is grinded do