Clearview National March 2016 - Issue 172 - Page 102

MACHINERY Crystalising the Partnership North West London based, Crystal Units Ltd was founded in 1994 and today employs in excess of 90 staff with a turnover in 2014 £13m. »»GENERAL MANAGER PANKAJ Gorsia talks about the company’s machinery requirements and its partnership with LiSEC, commenting: “We aim for a healthy production capacity, focusing on the type of products that are difficult or are likely to cause problems at the start of the project.” Pankaj runs Crystal Units with his brotherin-law, Vijay Halai, continues: “We are good at offering solutions to architects who are looking at unique projects. We believe what makes us unique is getting everything from one single source and having a flat hierarchy structure were we are able to make quick decisions. When Pankaj’s father f