Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 95

MOVERS&SHAKERS Outdoor living specialist extends team » » IN-LINE WITH THE GROWING demand for its range of aluminium verandas, canopies and carports, outdoor living specialist the Milwood Group has strengthened its talented team with a new appointment. Daniel Royston joins the Kent-based firm as Projects Manager, bringing insight and expertise from previous roles in distribution and stock management. Daniel’s main focus will be managing Milwood’s bespoke projects from order right through to manufacture and then delivery. “I’m really excited to be joining the team at the Milwood Group,” comments Daniel. “It’s clear to see just how passionate and ambitious the team is.” Mark Wood, Managing Director of the Milwood Group adds: “Coming from outside the industry means Daniel can add a fresh set of eyes to our operation, whilst his background and degree in carpentry means he understands the manufacturing side of the business which is really important.” The investment in new staff follows a successful 12 months for the Milwood Group. Not only has the firm become the sole UK supplier of bioclimatic pergolas from French manufacturer Solisysteme, they have also developed Simplicity 6, a brand- new multi-purpose veranda system. NEW CONSULTANCY ROLE FOR GARETH MOBLEY » » AS PART OF THE succession and integration plan, Gareth Mobley leaves his role as CEO of DW3 Products Group in April, and immediately moves into a consultancy capacity for the Masonite Group in the UK. Over the last four years Gareth has carefully orchestrated the development and recruitment of a senior management team capable of taking the businesses of The Residence Collection, Solidor, Nicedor and Window Widgets through to sale, integration and to be a part of the long-term strategy within Masonite. He commented: “It’s been an incredible journey, building one of the fastest growing and most successful businesses in the trade fenestration sector. The opportunity to build DW3 Products Group with like-minded people by adding powerful brands in recent years, was special.” He continued: “I’d like to thank everyone associated with the businesses, suppliers, customers and most importantly the hundreds of colleagues for their support, encouragement and dedication over the years. I feel very good about the opportunities for the leadership and all the staff of DW3 now, as part of Masonite’s UK business.” NEW SALES DIRECTOR ANNOUNCED » » TRUFRAME HAS APPOINTED KEVIN Taylor as its new Sales Director. ][[][H YX\&H[\H^\Y[K]H\ LYX\[H[Z[\H܂X\R[ܛ\ \]˜\[Y[[[X\XYH[\™[[ۈ[\ܝQ[Yx&\ܛ[[H0ˌZ[[ۈ[\Y[ܘ[[YH\YY]ݙ\H\ [[۝˂]Y\XY\X[Y[\X܋[YY][Q[YH[[Y[Y8'x&\H[YY\[][\\][\\X܋\H[][H[][[\]][ۈ܂X[X[Y[Y[ \[\][Y[[XY\\ ]H[ܙX\YX[ۂ\X]H[\X[\][^[]\Kx&\HX][H[܈]˜\[\ܝ[]Y\][[Y]B\[\]YH[[\Y[Y\][[›][و\Y\\XH[]][ۘ\B][PZ[\XY[\][ۈ]ܛK'B][^[܋[\\X܋YY8'x&[BH[Y]\[Z[[\[\\\\][\Y\[\Y\˜H]]X[HX\ٝ[܈Hۙ\KœYZ[Q[Yx&\[Z]Y[ۜ[B][[Z\X[H[X\][œ\ܝX[H^]\YKH8&[XYx&Bٙ\[]H\HXHݚYH\[^B[[ۋ[][Y[HX\]XK'B˝Y[YK˝ZHHHHUH H0H N0M