Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 92

INSTALLERSUPPORT Real Support for Installers, Fabricators & Systems Companies DOOR DESIGNER MAKES AN ENTRANCE Residor is a mid-market GRP composite door from Solidor Group and now benefits from a powerful new web-based Door Designer, for use by both the trade and for consumers looking for an accurate visual representation of their proposed new entrance door. » » THIS NEW INTERACTIVE DOOR Designer can be seen at and benefits from the same look and feel of the hugely successful Solidor version. Door frame type including top and side light combinations first face the user, before moving on to one of 16 different door styles. External colours from the standard range of 16 can be selected, along with a unique facility to add a specific RAL colour from a palette of 250. Glass options and the hardware colours of gold, white, black, chrome and brushed aluminum, along with the specification of which type of Ultion cylinder conclude the easy to use process, before the option to request a quote on the final page appears. Gareth Busson, head of sales and marketing at Solidor Group commented, “We’ve extended our market-leading Door Designer into our Residor brand and are expecting great levels of customer engagement.” 92 » JUN 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M » » PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON SUPPORT for the glazing industry i 2vFPvVFf"6W'F72FN( 2vFR7V6Ɨ7G07FW"6W'Ff6FVBg&Rf7@Tf"&V6VBWW&6VWV&`G&rFGG&7Fr&RF#67FF6W2FR6W766fW&VB&W7B&7F6PWFG2f"7FƖrWVWW&6V( 06ƖB66W'fF'&b77FVद66V֗BvrF&V7F B6W'F72W3( vFFR6ƖB&`&WBFrG27FVGw&wF&RB&RVvW'2&Rpf"7FF6W2F&W6RFV 66W'fF'&g2vF6ƖB&b77FVFN( 2vvRFWfVVBFR577W&V@7FW"66VRf"66W'fF&W2@66W'fF'v&&g2( Ф6W'F7>( 577W&VB7FW"66VPf"66W'fF&W2B66W'fF'v&Х&g22f&RF&VvWW&6VF琦7FW"vfG2WV&g2vVVfW'2F&V7F"Bg&Rf7BT63( vRƖRF'&r2V6&7F67W'B276&RF7W7FW'2BF@V2FrGfFvRbG&r@66VW2ffW&VB'WW&6VB6W'F72( '6vrWF6W'F7>( 577W&VB7FW 66VRf"66W'fF&W2B66W'fF'v&&g27FW'26vfRVvW'0'6WFR6fFV6RFV"v&67FF&G2B6֗FVBF7W7FW"6&Rwwr6W'F726V5$R%E24U%d4R$5DT@+ +T$ĔL*Td5EU$U &Wv72bv~( 2WFV6fR7F6`66W76&W2B7&R'G2f"67&VVƖ\*খFVw&&ƖB77FV22rf&RF'WƖRBGG3wwr&Wv726V66W76&W27&W26'BvrF&V7F"B&Wv72bvrv66266疖r67&VVƖ\*7&W2'&6W&R63( vRRFRWrƖR6vRBWfVV6W"f"7W7FW'2WfV`FWfV( B&VvBFR&v&ƖG2g&ЧW2( vR7F6FR&vvW7B&vR`67&VVƖ\*66W76&W2B7&R'G2FRT6vVRVVB'Bf"W V&ƖG<*"67&VVƖ\*FVw&&ƖB77FVv^( R7W&RRfR@vF#BW'2bvRfRB7F62FP&vW7B67&VVƖ\*f'&6F"FR6VG'vRfRFǒFVƗfW&W2g&VƖFǐB67WǒFW"7&R'G2vFRFffRvVV3vWFW"R&vǐW&66VBW"67&VVƖ\*&ƖB77FVЦg&&Wv72"B( ХFR&vRb67&VVƖ\*7&W2f&Pg&&Wv72WBF6VFW2FV07V626&BG26&BFV6W'2WFW&vWF26ƖFW'2G&7&VBvG2&GFW'GVW26"V2&GFW'6&vW'2G&6f&W'26G&VG2&W6VV@&VFR6G&FWf6W2B6Ɨ2'2@VB62f"77FV2wwr&Wv726V