Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 88

MACHINERY QUADRUPLE CUTTING AND MACHINING CENTRE INVESTMENT » » TRUFRAME HAS RECENTLY commissioned its fourth and final BDM cutting and machining centre, marking a major milestone in the unprecedented £3.2 million investment programme, which has been carried out over the last 18 months. The quartet of new cutting and machining centres provide a far greater level of accuracy, consistency and production throughput than the machines they replace, whilst also having been tailored to suit TruFrame’s specific requirements. The bespoke features include the ability to process profiles as short as 195mm, taking the requirement to separately process short profiles from thirteen per shift to just one every other shift, whilst diamond-tipped saw blades ensure that cut quality is as reliable as possible whilst dramatically reducing the frequency of blade changes. The 8-axis machines also benefit from servo- driven motors and a magnetic linear drive system, capable of moving at an astonishing 15 metres per second. The additional capacity provided by the new cutting and machining centres puts TruFrame in the position of being able to comfortably manufacture 4,000 frames on a standard 40-hour week. Further additional capacity is already planned via the future development of the night shift, with aspirations to produce as many as 5,000 frames from their current site. Dramatic rise in SMR-5 sales » » HAFFNER MURAT HAS REPORTED A dramatic rise in sales of its SMR-5 welder, with Managing Director Dave Thomas saying, “it is the fas FW7BB7B67W&FRvVFW"FR&WBFFB2&VVFW6vVBFFBfVRFWfW'f'&6F.( 26WBW( Ф6vRW&FFR4"R6vVBfW 7V&W2B26&RbvVFrGv6&W"G&66&W"vFw2"RvFr@Gv66W26vRW&FW&f&֖rffRvVG2W72FfW ֖WFW26vrg&6&W'2FG&606V6G2BwV&FVVrFVw&VW0vVFrWfW'FRF2FWFF2V@6FrB6Vb6VG&W2f"G&63BFG2WF6RFBG&6f&07VVBVƗGBVff6V7FRf'&6Ff"FW7FRFR6^( 2GfFvW2@2&VVFW6vVBF&RV7FW6RFW&^( 0FV667&VV6G&vFV'6FpBW&F26&R6G&V@WFF6ǒƖRffW"W&B6W2FP4"R6W2vFFR&V77W&6R`WW'B7FFBgVG&r6B67F'BFFVƗfW"&WGW&fW7FVBg&ЦFRf6R6vW2&Rf&P7V&V7BF7FGW2B'BW6vR2FwwrffW&W&B6ФTTDT2T4U2tRФ5$rUe$R%RD$+ +DRUe$R%RD$t'&r6Rb7F'( 2w&VFW7B'Gv&0FFR֖FFRV7B( 2'WBFRrG&p'VFrFRv&b&GW"&Rvp&6FV7BVWfV2vr2V6GFVF2FRV6W26v66VBvFগBFR&V7B7G&rW6 FRbV֖VB7FW727FVVF@FW2FRV&6Rb6fV@vFrÃS7F'2BvBv2FRv&`'RF&&6VBVVFV27W7FW"vFPV֖VBvfVG26VW"66R@ +T# +4T%dRrT2Ц6WGVVFV2G6Vbv2ֆ@F&VvWBFffW"Gf6RB7W'B( F2r&V7B2fF7F0FV7G&FbW7BvBVVFV0FV6w26&Rb( 6VG2VfWvrF&V7F"bVVFV2TV66VvVW'2g&FRf&( 0V6W"VGV'FW'2vW&RF7F6VBF6WBWGvFVF64%SfWVҲ470( 27FFRbFR'BR2&fR6p6VG&W26WFRvF&&BFvW0FV7W&RF6vrFW2&RWBF֖VFW&V'F֗6r6p76W2vRVT6B6gGv&Rw2f"V6BGVFfR&w&֖rFRWg&RVVFV2GW&VB55bfW0&fFVB'FR&V7N( 2FWfVW'2F#7FW"fW2g&v6&GV7FFFf 7BS&fR'G2vW&RG&6fW'&V@FVT6BgFW"FFW7G2V6W"FRVf7GW&r6Rv26WBFFBvFRV֖VwwrVVFV26V