Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 64

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS An innovative solution to traditional design » » THE LATEST GENERATION of flush sash and heritage-style windows has taken the market by storm. Traditional looking windows with Georgian bars combine beautiful sightlines with the benefits of warm edge, ideal for enhancing period properties and adding character to new builds. Most systems companies now offer a choice of flush sashes and vertical sliders, and they’re selling fast. Homeowners love the look of heritage-style windows but expect high performance too. Along with security and weather performance, energy efficiency is a top priority. A variety of surveys over the past 10 years show homeowners are concerned with rising energy prices. Homeowners may want beautifully designed windows, but they want windows that keep their properties warm and help to reduce heating bills. In traditional timber windows, each square section was an individual glass pane. Today’s vertical sliders and flush sash windows use a spacer bar inside the sealed unit to create the look of separate panes, with an outer astragal bar replicating the original design. Many window companies still use a warm edge frame with a metal Georgian bar, but that spoils the look of the window and the thermal performance. SWISSPACER’s Georgian bar is a modern solution to traditional design for authentic, high performance flush sash and vertical slider windows. It gives a seamless transition from the outer warm edge spacer bar to inner Georgian bar for outstanding energy performance and a high-end look. In response to growing demand, SWISSPACER recently launched new 12x18mm and 16x18mm bars to fit the most popular windows sizes in the UK and Ireland. It’s available in our best-selling colours and now features improved bar crosses with an integrated anti-rattle plug and matching end caps for a premium finish. We’ve produced high quality Georgian bar sample boxes to mark the launch of our extended Georgian bar range. The new sample boxes are designed to let sealed unit makers and fabricators see and feel SWISSPACER’s Georgian bar, and learn how it’s put together. The attra 7FfR6R&6VFW2vV&v&"g&RvFWr&"7&76W2B6&W"W2wwr7v776W"6ФPBv+ +e$Rd5BT244TBE0vv2vFv72VB&GV7F0N( 2rVf7GW&r&RF37VFVBv72VG2WfW'vVV( VrFRv72f7F'2&VV&p&VVfBF7W7FW'2( 62vVVfW'2F&V7F"BFW&'&6VBVf7GW&W'0g&Rf7B( vRfR6VV&GV7F6FVRFw&r2FVB26FVV@F&6Rf7BN( 2w&v6V6F@v^( fRBFR&R76Rf"v70&GV7F( vRfRFFVBFW"7V&PfVWBbf7F'76R&F&bVf7GW&PBV֖VvFrBF"f'&6FআfRfVBFvfRFV&R76Rv70&GV7F2WrV6&vW"PFFR *3cfW7FVB6W'V2vRVVFVB&R76RBvRvFV@FWBv72&GV7FF6RvW&PFW&Rv276Rf"BFw&rWfV&R( УcB +T# +4T%dRrT2Фw6FRFR&GV7FbuW2g&Pf7B62FV6&FfRv72Ff6vW&R7&gG6VBRFW6v@2GG&7FVBBbFW&W7BW7V6ǒf VG&6RF'2vW&R6RVvW'2v@FR&V7FFVVBrFRfR06WFRg&Rf7B267W7FFRG0vvv72( 7W7FW'26vWBW7FǒvBFWv@g&g&Rf7N( 2v72f7F'( FG2vV( ėBW2BWfVV6W"F&FW"FRv72@g&W2FvWFW"BFBV2RFVƗfW'"6V7FN( 2&VV&V7V66W72f WfW'R( Чwwrg&Vf7GV6