Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 6

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Industry initiative addresses skills shortage In November 2017, The Telegraph reported on the lack of skills and labour shortages within the construction industry. It provided information from a survey conducted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors highlighting how the issue had gradually worsened over the last five-years, limiting building activities. » » AS A MAJOR PART OF THE construction sector, the fenestration industry has also begun to feel the effects of insufficient skills and labour. With the increase in demand from Government to produce more new homes and glazing structures being specified as a favoured choice for commercial buildings - there is a need to address these major challenges. The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Awarding Body is backing a new industry campaign - Building Our Skills in the Fenestration Industry. The initiative will be launched to the public from the 1st June and will focus on a much-needed and long overdue pro-active promotional campaign of the industry, the wide variety of different career paths available to new and young entrants, an awareness of the qualifications which can be achieved to give them learning, life-skills and ultimately career opportunities and financial rewards. “We need to start attracting the very best young talent to our industry across every imaginable career path, Edgetech (UK) Limited will offer its support to this initiative wherever we can.” - Charlotte Mercer, Head of Marketing Edgetech (UK) Limited “This kind of campaign is long overdue as more and more companies find it difficult to recruit young people into the glass and glazing industry. The GGF is delighted to support the campaign and urges all companies in the industry to get behind it.” - Shaun McAllister, MD, GGF Mick Clayton CEO of GQA Qualifications, commented: “The quest to recognise and develop skills within the industry has been high on the agenda of GQA for a very long time. Encouraging new people to join our industry is something we need to do to build a stronger and ensure long-term stability. Supporting Building Our Skills in the Fenestration Industry is the first step to achieving this by providing the awareness we need to ensure our industry thrives.” “We are delighted to support this really necessary campaign to attract new blood to our industry.” – Tristan Cooke, MD Mila Window and Door Maintenance “I’ve always tried to share the great experiences I have benefitted from by being a part of the fenestration industry, and in doing so, I hope it will inspire others to join us.” - Alan Sadler, MD, Profix AUTOMATED ORDER MONITORING MAXIMISES EFFICIENCY » » BUSINESS MICROS HAS added a clever new module to its market leading EvoNET business management software which makes sure that every order is kept on track. Branded Order Monitor, runs unattended in the background of EvoNET checking that every stage of an order is completed on time and in full, and then sending an email reminder to the relevant person if anything is missed. Like everything within EvoNET, Order Monitor can be tailored precisely to the needs of every individual fabricator, so they can choose their own list of tasks they want to monitor and decide on their own timings for reminders. Tasks can be set up right from the point of order all the way through to installation and aftercare, with the objective being to ensure that every 6 » JUN 2018 » CL EARVI E W- U K . C O M order meets its delivery date as efficiently as possible. Business Micros’ installation team can do the initial Order Monitor set up for a customer and then demonstrate how to add their own tasks as required. Order Monitor has been an immediate hit and has already been adopted by several leading fabricators including Dekko and Glazerite.