Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 59

AL UMINIUM - A L UMINIUM - Flair has got you covered Another ‘at risk’ building saved » » SITUATED WITHIN THE Bower Ashton Conservation Area in Bristol is the Lower lodge Gatehouse; a grandiose Grade II Listed former entrance to Ashton Court Estate. Sir John Hugh Smyth conceived the idea for the Gatehouse in 1805. It formed part of his plans to update Ashton Court Mansion as a gothic showpiece in the local community. However, over the years the building was left abandoned and fell into such disrepair, that it featured on Historic England’s ‘Heritage at Risk Register &K[ZH]Xو\\]X\[\ܞHX\›YZ[\Z[[\˜Y[][H]X\HوYB[ۘHYZ[[Y]H[[H^HH\]K\HX]][Z[[š\ܘYHRH\Y ܚY[[X]\\YH]Z[Y[\ܙYX\HۙBYYܜ\\Y][YZ[[[X]]Y[X˜\Y[˂\[YXZ[۝X܋[Y\XYXY^KH\\ق[XY^H܈ݙ\ YX\܈\\[H]Xۙ\B^[ˈH[و N[[\HX]Y [\H\Y[\[^H[\K[X\[Y\\HXYK[\BHYH[[\ܙX]Y^HXۙ\H^[XZ[\H]\BY][[Z[]H[HZ\\ˈH\Y\ H[Y\[Y[\XYYY]X\YXY[˜[[\ܝ\YY]وB[X\H^[]]Y[˜[H]Y[\ˈHY\ܛX[HX[[\HقQH\[HXۙ\B^[\[\ݙYB\X[\ܛX[HوBZ[[[ܙX]YH[ܙBYܝXH[\ۛY[ []\H  \ٛ L 'H\H[YY]H]X[]HوHXۙ\B^[ˈۛH\]Y\HZ[[\K]\˜H[\X؈وZ[[Z\[H\HوHX\H\BY 8'H[Y[Y[Y[܋]Z\HX[Y\8'H]B[[Y^[]\XB]H[Y[و\š\ܚX]K'B[XY^K[Y[ NM[]\YHX[\[[ \ܚY]XY^H܈ݙ\ YX\ۈڙX[ܛ[ ]ۂ[H\[K]\˜[^[]H[HوXZ][ڙXH\Y\Y\]Z[[˂[ٙ\[ܙX]\Yܝ ]\[[][ۋZ[[X[XZ[[[KY\]X[HX\[˜\X\[H[[[YX\]H[YKY[ܜ][\\]H[[܈\Y[X[[[Y\X[\K[K[[Hٚ[\˂[[][‘\[]‘HML’HML ‘[\HYXY[[ ܜ”SQHVHUSUSӂ LH  L B˙Z\[˘BZ\[‘ LH  L N[\Z\[˘BQHPTUSTԕTUSӕQHSUTB˜[XY^K˝ZHHHHUH H0H N0 N