Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 56

HERITAGE Developing a Heritage Residence A pure PVCu heritage window is defined by the exact detailing of the PVCu profiles first and foremost, but also through acceptance by planners for projects in conservation areas, as Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection explains… » » RESIDENCE 9 REMAINS THE MOST authentic timber alternative window in the UK and was the first ever PVCu flush sash system designed based on 19th Century timber sightlines. While the flush sash remains one of the most talked about window genres in the PVCu sector at present, it’s ultimately part of a market segment that’s just seven years old. Within this period the clear majority of 70mm systems from the large systems houses have launched a flush sash, very much as an afterthought and not necessarily true to the very virtues of a heritage window. Residence 9, or R9 as it has become affectionately known, has become the definitive brand when it comes to low maintenance heritage casement windows. So what sets R9 apart? Given the fact that the original sketches and subsequent design of the system were based on considerable research as to timber sightlines from the 19th Century, then the exacting shape and detail of the profiles and glazing beads set the system apart. It boasts a low number of profiles, with various styled glazing beads for double and triple glazing, enabling low stockholding and a vast amount of designs. R9 has also been developed as a 100mm system with nine chambers from the outset, for unrivalled levels of energy efficiency and sound reduction. It also provides a platform for the adoption of fully working peg and stay hardware and fully operational butt hinges, so it’s everything that a timber window can offer, yet without the requirement for ongoing maintenance and with the opportunity for lower heating bills. With the fact that the window is fully recyclable at the end of its considerably long useful life, helps reduce energy costs and doesn’t have an impact on natural resources, it’s also better for the environment than a typical timber window and is carefully produced in the UK by one of our trained manufacturing partners. It also incorporates recycled material in the Werbar reinforcement too. 56 » JUN 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M The appearance of R9 has also been carefully considered when it comes to foil lamination and as much as we’ve inspired the new genre of flush sash windows, we have also led the market when it comes to new foils, with Agate G