Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 40

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Back to the future, and beyond present day To celebrate 175 years of business, Yale invited a group of visitors to go ‘time travelling’ at its site in Willenhall… » » “AS THE NAME CONSUMERS KNOW and trust, it’s Yale’s responsibility to ensure its products not only meet but surpass the latest security standards. The message is simple, together we can make 2018 ‘Anything But Standard’. By choosing Yale products both homeowners and trade professionals can be assured they are purchasing superior quality products, tested to British Standards.” This is official introduction to Yale’s 12-month campaign that will see a number of videos, adverts, consumer and trade press, all highlighting how making simple security changes can make a big difference. To kick start the project – and celebrate its milestone birthday – Yale welcomed a select group of publications, including Clearview, to take a trip down memory lane; back to where it all began, followed by a glimpse into the possible future of home security, with a few stop-offs on the way. A 175-YEAR JOURNEY For almost two centuries, Yale has gone on to conquer the industry; amassing a portfolio of over 40,000 different products, which are sold in 130 countries, over five continents. From traditional door locks, window hardware, padlocks and safes, to the more recently-launched Smart Living range (just two years ago) to include doors, locks, alarms, and cameras for the extra convenience, security, and maybe even, sophistication of technology homeowners now crave. Stephen Roberts, Marketing Manager for Yale UK, said: “Reaching 175 years is a milestone worthy of celebration for Yale. As one of the oldest brands in the home security market, its longevity highlights the trust and confidence customers have in the brand. What’s more, it also reinforces how we as a company are continually innovating to stay ahead in the marketplace and meet consumer demands.” 1843 was the year when Linus Yale Jr patented the first pin tumbler locking mechanism and the company set up shop 40 » JUN 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M in New York. The same year saw Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol hit the shelves, the first patent for a typewriter issued, and the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna erupt. It was also the starting point of the ‘Anything But Standard’ open day held at Yale’s Portobello Plant, Willenhall. But, after a brief history of the company – that included locks and locations in the likes of New York’s Chrysler Building and Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom, it was back to the present day with a tour of the factory from Yale’s Engineering Manager, Steven Craddock. “RIGHT PRODUCT, RIGHT TIME, RIGHT AMOUNT” While locksmithing – and fenestration – is still as much a craft as it is a career, just as in all industries automation is making its way into the manufacturing process. As such, Steven was keen to point out, from the outset of the guided tour, that Yale is not made up of “factory workers” but of “technically-skilled staff, trained in diagnostics and productivity”, and that attitude is set to continue for the foreseeable future, which is a reassuring thought for anyone in the ‘robots are taking over’ camp. Technology is evident at varying degrees from the second visitors step into the factory, with signage on the company’s sustainability and environmental projects lining the walk way plus the ubiquitous nod to LEAN working methods, safety protocol, innovation and development initiatives. Flat screen monitors above working stations offer vis VvVVBb7V7G2bFR&GV7FƖR&V6W6R27FWfV62( ƗN( 2v@fFrWBF'&rFBv^( fRB&@FFF( B27V6'G2&W"VƗGWF26&RG&6VB&VFRBFW7FV@66&Fvǒ&FW"FVWBWfW"6vp&WV&VVG2b^( 27W7FW'2खw7BFRv7V2#vRW7WGFr6RFB6&R&w&V@fW&vBf"#Br&GV7FFW2FPWFr77FV( 2vFFV6w&6V@FbFRƖRVF6WVVB( 2F@62B6W2RWfW'B6V6G2BFRfW&vB7F26W"FBGW&2&p7F2VWG2F&VB&VVBVW22`'v2WfVFR6R( frWN( WFBvW&V'v&W"6v2FW&R'Vp6'Bb&GV7G2FR676V&ǒƖSB2&WV6VBvFc6V6G2( 2vFFVF&GV7F( 2FV7G&FW2FPWfVbFWFFB2vRFFRf7F'f&B7FWfV6Vb62FBFRWF2bFPB2( &vB&GV7B&vBFR&v@VN( FB֗6W2Vff6V7VƗGB&W76RFRvRFr6fPBV&Rv&rVf&VBf"G07FfcvFFRWFFB6f &fVVG26VFRB&RfVV6VB7&VBF&V7Fǒ'W&F'2BWfW'WfV6VFrg&VFǒ( 'VFG( 6VvW2vV@6W2FFRU27FF2DU5DrDU5Dpb6W'6RFR&GV7FWFG2vV@VFrbFWFF( B6RWF6FRFRRFW7B"6W2&GV7G2VFW ( ''WF( 6FF266&FrF&6vFfW"F2'BbFRFW"vFFW2VrB66rFF&VvЦvB&&&V7GRvVvBFW2vrf`vW2F62&Vrg&VV66V@6w2w&FrF&Vv&G2vBB&6VF2Bf&w&VB7GRV6&w