Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR In plain sight. How do we collectively rebuild the public’s trust in fire safety again? » » WITH THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE Grenfell Tower tragedy taking place during the publication period of this magazine, we are set to see some extremely impactful headlines across all forms of media in the near future. Whether it be fitting a door closer or specifying an entire building, the devastating events last June thrust fire safety right to the forefront of not just our own literature within the trade, but also the public eye. For some reason, stories of how fire safety has not only been a low priority for some, but ignored or flouted intentionally is just not acceptable. At best, it has brought the reputation of the industry into question, and at its utter worst, lives have been lost. This isn’t the first time that the reputation of our industry has come into question. The negative public perception of double glazing companies throughout the 1980s and early 1990s for instance - which we may now be able to mock through ‘period’ television comedies - once made a mockery out of decent salespeople, fabricators, and fitters. When it comes to construction in general, likewise, while ‘cowboy builders’ and ‘rogue traders’ can be found in all industries, when it comes to the home improvement sector in particular; doors, windows, conservatories, there is still a certain lack of trust. And, as is always the case, we are all forced to address the problems of the ‘lowest common denominators’ in our own field to set ourselves apart. Ever since the 1990s, fenestration companies have worked tirelessly to rebuild the relationship they had with the public, with tighter regulations on products, better quality control, stricter criteria for approving the companies that fabricate, fit, and supply their doors and windows. Open and honest communication; a readiness to take social, corporate, and environmental responsibility; addressing issues head on instead of hiding them; have all helped to repair the damage. When it comes to fire safety, so prevalent in the public eye after the horrific event last summer, figures across the industry are calling for a ‘no excuse’ and ‘no compromise’ approach to raising the st [\Y]HX܋][۝YK[][][[]Y\H\Yۂ[][Y[و\HY]Hܜ[[\\K\[]\H[ܙH[[ XYX][ۂ[[[][ۈYY[\ݙK[]\H\ۙH[ܚ]K]X^HZH[YK][ZHX[]ܚ]]]\\[[[XKBBBBBY]܂0S N0PTHHHH B'\\\BZ][ݙ\HYX\܂]X'B\[X\[ܝ\Y\قX]\X[\H]YY^[Z[\&Bٚ]X\[[XY[\Z[]HXH[ܙX\\܈ۜ[Y\Xܙ[H]\\X\HBY\][ۈوX\\Z[\ PK0SԑHSS MJBوX[[YY][K\^YQJHۜX[ۈ]HYZ\X\[]YY^Y \B̉H[[H MH] IBܘY\X]\X[XB[ܙX\\۝Z\Y[ BX[Y[[]Y[\B[\]]HX]\X[܈XHܚY[[HXYYY [X\HۙHY MJHقZ[\\ܝXZ[\›ۈZ\Z[[ڙXYBX]\X[XH[ܙX\\\š\ۙH\HۙH[[\ܝ[\[[H M˂&[[][ۈ\š[ܙX\YBMH[H\L[۝&B[\YXX]\X[˜\H[ܝ\\H[]BHۙ\Z][Y\B\^YY\ܝY]X˜[YH[\XK]Bۙ\\ܝYZ][YHZ[›[ܙH[HYX\YBو[\[[][ۋ]K[[Z[HY YZ[]Hۙ\Z][YBZ[ݙ\ L[۝˂[\\وX[[[][ۂ\[ܙX\YH MH[H\L[۝YHX]IK[X\و[\[]H] K[[\\\[[\] KQHZ[[\\\B[\YH]\[YBY\[X]\X[]H[ܙX\Yݙ\H\ L[۝˂X[\KYY^X]]BوHPZY8'ܜ\B[\[[YH\\Z][™܈[ܙH[ۙHYX\܈B]ܙ\وXˈ]8&\œ\X[\HܜZ[\][X\]H[ܙX\YZY \ڙX [[ۙHYوZ[\š]HXܘYH[ܙX\H[\YܙHXYHHˈH\B[[ۈZ[\Y\[]HZ\\Y\\]XY[H\[وܝZ[›X]\X[Xp[ܙX\\܈Z][Y\\XH]\\˜[\Z\\Y\[[ZXY \XZ\][[™܈؜YX[]YZ[\™YH\YHZ\Y[BH]] [[YHHH[H۝X]X\X^HBXX[ܙX\\^H[&]HYܝ 'B˙Xܙ˝Z