Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 21

7THINGS 5. How will new talent be recognised? Encouraging newcomers and youngsters to join fenestration is an essential part of ensuring the longevity of the industry. So, to safeguard this interest and encourage individuals to stay within their fields longer term, an event has been created to recognise the talents of individuals and reinforce the efforts being made by Building Our Skills in The Fenestration Industry campaign. The ‘Recognising Young Talent Programme’ will be an annual event open to employers and other interested parties to nominate individuals new to the industry, who could then go on to be recognised and awarded individually for their achievements and contribution to a specific career path. 6. What else is needed? We know creating a professional industry by training and developing newcomers is key to ensuring the success and development of Building Our Skills in The Fenestration Industry campaign, and to the longevity of our industry. But, an area which can still contribute heavily is from individuals with knowledge and experience of the market. Mentors are an important factor to help the quest in bridging the skills gap crisis and will seriously contribute towards the success of the campaign. Fulfilling a role of support and helping young people learn and develop is not easy, but we are hoping through the development of the campaign and the recognition programme we can gain several key mentors and influencers to support. 7. What is the longer-term plan? Building Our Skills in The Fenestration Industry has been designed to create a campaign that will give the industry a recognisable brand to a wider audience using a single message – ‘to attract newcomers and youngsters to the industry for the purposes of bridging the ever-increasing skills gap’. It will also stand as the badge for organisations to use, helping them to fulfil their individual needs in recruiting. A three-year marketing plan is in place to support the campaign’s development, to encourage more businesses to embrace the challenge, and grow by offering youngsters and newcomers practical development and training. Our industry is skills driven and practical, and more companies are needed to offer places for youngsters to train, grow and develop into professionals; that is the long-term future of fenestration. For more information, contact Steph Tague on 07789 344479 or Chris Globe on 07429 103925. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » J U N 2018 » 21