Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 20

7THINGS The future of fenestration 7 Things you may not know about Building Our Skills » » BUILDING OUR SKILLS IN THE FENESTRATION industry is a new campaign designed to promote fenestration to a wider audience and attract youngsters and newcomers to the industry to decrease the current skills shortage. With the campaign set to go live this month, here are seven things you may want to know about the initiative…. 1. What is Building Our Skills in The Fenestration Industry? Building Our Skills in The Fenestration Industry is a new campaign created to heighten the profile of the fenestration industry to the wider consumer market for the sole purpose of attracting new and young people to work in this sector. The campaign will be launched with a new website and will use social media and other marketing activities to provide school leavers, parents, teachers and other interested parties the way of learning about the career opportunities the industry takes them by getting involved. 2. Who’s behind the campaign? 3. Who’s getting involved? At the time of launch, the campaign has over 30 employer supporters – but, more are still needed. Companies from any sector of the industry are welcome to join the campaign, promote and showcase fenestration. Inclusion is free, but the organisation wishing to be involved will be asked to commit by pledging its support to promote the campaign: displaying the logo, supporting social media efforts, providing marketing collateral in line with the needs of the campaign, enthusing employees, suppliers and customers to support and become advocates of the campaign, and more importantly provide genuine support to youngsters and newcomers entering the industry by giving them the tools to learn, train and become professional at their job. 20 » JUN 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M The main promoter of the campaign is GQA Qualifications, the fenestration and glazing industry awarding body. GQA has long campaigned to see more youngsters join the industry and create a generation of qualified and skills workers – e