Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 15

Thank you for making it all possible The industry’s ground-breaking new conference, the Glazing Summit, has proved a resounding success. 400 business leaders, CEOs and stake holders from the industry’s most infl uential companies - with combined UK sales of over £1 billion – came together for this one-day event. 23 expert panellists and speakers shared their views on topics from products and materials to technology and innovation, culminating in a high-level discussion around acquiring and selling window, door and conservatory companies. Keynote speakers included global economist Dr Walter Boettcher sharing his views on the UK market after Brexit. 400 Industry Leaders £1 billion combined UK sales 23 Expert Speakers 20 Partners Organising the industry’s fi rst major conference was a real unknown. Deciding on a format and content relevant to a diverse range of companies spanning several sectors was a challenge; our aim was to give delegates the opportunity to connect with like-minded business leaders, share experience and take away at least one useful pearl of wisdom. I am proud to say the industry rallied behind the conference and the feedback will give us the opportunity to learn and improve for future events. I would personally like to thank our speakers and panellists, our partners and the industry leaders who attended; together they made the Glazing Summit possible.” Andrew Scott Thank you to all our Partners visit or call 01934 808293