Clearview National June 2018 - Issue 199 - Page 12

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Focusing on Consumer Protection » » THE GLASS AND Glazing Federation (GGF) and FENSA are exhibiting and presenting at the annual Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) Symposium taking place in Nottingham on 4th to 6th June. The CTSI Symposium is a great opportunity for GGF and FENSA to network with Trading Standards Officers but more importantly, engage with key influencers from like-minded organisations such as the Advertising Standards Authority, Citizen’s Advice, Which?, TrustMark and of course the CTSI. GGF’s Membership and Training Director, Richard Hearn and FENSA’s Membership Director, Chris Beedel will be co-presenting on the topic of ‘GGF & FENSA helping Trading Standards to protect & delight consumers’. The presentation will convey the benefits of GGF’s consumer award-winning website and the GGF’s consumer protection schemes; including the Conciliation Scheme, which helps members and homeowners resolve any disputes and the improved Deposit Indemnity Fund which safeguards consumers’ deposits in the unlikely event of the chosen GGF member company, going into administration, liquidation or bankruptcy. FENSA will be presenting on the important role it plays in supporting Trading Standards with policing the industry and assisting the prosecuting of rogue companies misusing the FENSA logo. https://www.tradingstandards. uk/practitioners/ symposium-2018 EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION AT FENSTERBAU FRONTALE » » WORLD-LEADING WARM- edge experts Edgetech has returned from a highly successful Fensterbau Frontale. Widely acknowledged as the world’s biggest and best fenestration expo, Fensterbau routinely attracts hundreds of thousands of glazing experts from all around the world. Regular exhibitors at the Nuremberg event, Edgetech has been a pioneering force in the field of high-performance glazing for more than thirty years, and its stand showcased the excellence and innovation that have made it a respected name throughout global construction. Edgetech’s Super Spacer is the leading foam warm edge spacer product on the market, offering easy application, 100% memory and exceptional thermal efficiency and condensation resistance. With Super Spacer, thousands of IGU manufacturers have been able to substantially increase energy efficiency and overall unit performance – and with the advent of automation, and ever tighter environmental regulations, outstanding spacer technology is more vital than ever, as Edgetech UK Managing Director Chris Alderson explains: “Last year we showcased at major glazing events all over the world, and this year we’re doing the same – visiting Germany, India and China among other destinations. And wherever we go, we find more interest in warm-edge products than ever. INTERFACE INNOVATION AWA $BtU + +5T44U54eTdTu$U7W7FW"'66BFRFR( fFbFRV.( G&BFR&W7FvW266GF6vVFvRW6vRv&G2#v66VV'&FRFR6WfVVG2b6FV֖2@'W6W726&&F2B'FW'62FR&Rv2v&FVBBWfVrWfV@'V'FW&f6RVF'W&v&V6vFf"FR&W6V&6BFWfVVBbf'GV&VƗG6rR6gGv&RआfrFVFfVB"6VvRFP6Vb'VB&WCFBb7W7FW'2&VpV&RF( f7VƗ6^( FV"gWGW&RRFW6v0F&VvG&FFW"2B4@FW6v2R'66B&VvFv&vF" +T# +4T%dRrT2ЧFRVfW'6Gb7G&F6ǖFR6gGv&RF@w27W7FW"F( vƲF&Vv( FV Wr'VBf6&Fb'VFpf&FFVƖr$ҒBf'GV&VƗGFV6wFR66&&Fv2&&2FW&f6RFRvfW&VB&6V@&v6Fv6Ɩ2'W6W76W2vF6FV֖2'FW'2&VB'66BFFPVfW'6Gb7G&F6ǖFRF&VvFPvG2B6G2VFW'&6RRFFfR'66N( 26&WFW"&G6B( vPFRFV2fW'6RB2Fr6&גbfW'6WfW"B7W'FfRVPF'&rBFg'VFFFVf FR&w&W72FFFRv62W6VVFV@WV7FF2( Чwwr'66B6V