Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 92

businessnews In her monthly column on social media Sarah Ball, Communications Director at specialist glazing and construction marketing and PR agency, Balls2 Marketing talks about how to use LinkedIn for business. Linking In Facebook for grownups LinkedIn is often referred to as Facebook for grownups, and it’s probably the best way to describe it. But while it’s like Facebook in lots of ways, LinkedIn is all about business. The old saying: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has never been more fitting. And linking with people can open up opportunities. Get your profile right Step one is set up your profile. It’s not a CV so make it easy for people to see what you do and how it can benefit them. Choose a head and shoulders photo that’s appropriate to your business. So if you normally wear a uniform, that’s what you should wear. You want people to recognise you, so make it clear and representative of you at work. Link-up Then start linking. You want as many as possible to get started. Here’s a list of ideas to get you started: • Friends and family • Customers • Suppliers • Local businesses • Other companies in the industry Be a groupie One way to increase the number of connections is to join groups. There’s a whole range of groups on LinkedIn including ones for local businesses, the glazing and construction industry, and networking groups like PIGS (People in Glazing Society). Being a member means it’s easier to link to people within the group and keep up with the latest news. Inbox messaging The LinkedIn inbox works exactly like email. Direct messages can be sent and received. It’s really useful to start up conversations and get to know people better. We have picked up several leads through this. ‘LinkedIn makes it really easy to do a quick update or pos t a photo. Installations, products, and news all make great updates’ 92 » JUN 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Keep up to date Update and photos: LinkedIn makes it really easy to do a quick update or post a photo. Installations, products, and news all make great updates. Post these onto your LinkedIn wall and they can be seen by all the people connected to you. If they ‘Like’ them, the updates appear to their connections too. Publish a post: LinkedIn has recently added a great feature for publishing longer pieces. It gives you the chance to include a photo, more words and headings and is visible on your profile. The advantage of using LinkedIn is that the number of views can be much higher than you’d get on a website. So if you’ve got a new product or service, a case study or just something that you think would be interesting, this relatively new way to post onto LinkedIn is already proving to be very successful. This is just a quick overview of LinkedIn. It’s a great social media platform to do business. You can link to me, Sarah Ball, join the PIGS networking group and follow Clearview! Next month Sarah will be talking about how to make the most of Google+