Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 75

mac hinery Second Generation In 2000, Stuga built eight Flowlines; today four of those eight machines are still fully operational and unchanged, with the other four being rebuilt into the latest ZX3 models. »»Since the introduction of the Flowline, which was re-launched as the ZX3, Stuga has also introduced the high volume ZX4 and the small footprint Microline, later re-launched as the AutoFlow-2. More than 150 of these automated sawing and machining centers have been built and many more new ones are being built for installation in 2015. For the very busy fabricators that have produced so many windows on their Stuga over the last fourteen or fifteen years, it is good to know that the company can offer a rebuilt or new machine to swap with their worn out one over a weekend to minimize production disruption. Stuga has now rebuilt nearly twenty old machines this way. When a fabricator buys a Stuga machine, the company will always help and support the new owner. Stuga machines can become obsolescent due to technology changes but the company takes the trouble to engineer workarounds or new designs to overcome such issues. Stuga has eight technicians geographically and a well-staffed service center in Great Yarmouth. Spare parts are British sourced and most are ex-stock all of the time. Customers and potential customers are always welcome to visit Stuga and see it all for themselves. Call 01493 742348 for further information sawing & machining as it should be proven british innovation and engineering ZX3 autoflow2 ZX4 650 – 700 per week 400 - 450 per week 800 – 1,000 Special ‘VS’ version also available per week All models manufactured entirely in the UK from components resourced in this country Whatever your production output or budget requirements if you fabricate uPVC window or door frames we have the sawing and machining center for you. Stuga fully guarantee the output of their sawing & machining centers. Save Operators • save profile • Reduce Skills • Improve Efficiency, Quality and Consistency All models have rotary tooling, reusable offcut management, high frequency prepping heads, barcode and picture label printer and management analysis software. Routing on both sides of a profile simultaneously is standard on all models. Fully guaranteed factory rebuilds offered on all models subject to availability 01493 742 34